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Laos List Summary - "O"

Name or Location in Red were Casualties

Note: This summary list may not agree with the corresponding detailed list due to ongoing updates.

O005 John Lawrence O'Brien 56 ACW? Pilot A1E KIA/MIA 10 November 1966
O019 Lester O'Brien      
O022 Billy D. O'Dell      
O016 Frank (The Bag) Odom CAS Paramilitary Officer MR2, North Laos 1966
O021 Tommy A. (OD) Odiorne Project 404 ARMA Communications Vientiane 1969-70
O024 Terrance A. Ogata      
O013 Louis L. Ojibway CAS Operations Officer KIA 20 August 1965, North Laos
O010 Gerald J. O'Malley USASFT Army Advisor Phou Khao Khouai 1972
O001 Huey P. O'Neal Det 1, 56SOW Raven FAC South Laos
O023 Russel (Russ) O'Neal      
O004 Vincent O'Rourke White Star MTT FTT-1 Demolition Specialist Ban Houei Sai & Nam Tha, North Laos 1962
O012 Robert Eugene Olson 6994 Security Sqn? Crew EC47Q KIA 5 February 1969
O006 Delbert Austin Olson Observation Squadron 67, NKP, TH OP2E Pilot KIA/MIA 11 January 1968, Khammouane Province, South Laos
O018 Manuel Orozco MACV SOG Squad leader Operation TAILWIND South Laos, September 1970
O020 Robert Orticari Royal Air Lao L188 Flight Officer Vientiane 1972-1974
O015 Richard A. Orsini Det 1, 37 ARRS Rescue Crew Commander LS 36 Alert November 1967
O025 C. R. Osborne      
O007 William Henry Ostermeyer 435TFS, 8 TFW, Ubon, TH F4D CoPilot KIA/MIA September 1970 Savannakhet Province, South Laos
O014 Narciso A. Otero Det 1, 37 ARRS CH3? Flight Engineer LS 36 Alert November 1967
O008 William A. Ott   RF4C Pilot KIA/MIA 12 May 1972 South Laos
O002 Leslie Ouderkirk US Embassy or Project 404 AIRA Intelligence NCO Vientiane US Embassy 1968-1969
O009 Robert D. Owen MACVSOG Team Leader, Spike team IDAHO KIA/MIA 23 May 1968 South Laos
O003 Harrold K. Ownby Det 1, 56SOW Raven FAC Vientiane (L08) 1972-1973
O017 Robert Ozane      
O011 J. Ozbolt 433 TFS, 8 TFW GIB F4C Rescued by USAF SAR 27 March 1966 South Laos

Last Table Update: 22 May 2006  

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