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Laos List Summary - "G"

Name or location in Red indicates a casualty

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Note: This summary list may not agree with the corresponding detailed list due to ongoing updates.

G019 Thomas F. (Tom) Gaffney LTAG/Hotfoot Team & White Star MTT Team Sergeant Vientiane (L08) & Thakhek , 1960, 1962
G035 Gagen   Pilot F4C Shot down and Rescued Jan 1966
G001 Albert R. (Al) Galante Det 1, 56SOW Raven FAC Long Tieng? (LS20A) & Pakse, 1971-1972
G055 Russell D. Galbraith 11 TRS GIB RF4C KIA/MIA - 11 December 1968; South Laos
G044 John Theodore Gallagher CCN FOB3 MACV SOG   MIA - Jan 5, 1968; South Laos
G002 John (Pappy) Gallagher   AC-47 Program? Vientiane (L08)
G062 Richard O. Banley 41 TAS Navigator C130A KIA - 24 November 1969; South Laos
G071 Richardo Martinez Garcia 48 Avn Co. Crew Chief UH1C KIA/MIA - 10 March 1971; South Laos
G042 John G. Gardner HHM 165, MAG 36 CoPilot CH46A MIA - Jun 3, 1967; South Laos
G020 Joe R. Garner White Star MTT Radio Operator Phou Tinpet 1961-1962
G017 Robert R. Garrels Det 1, 1043 RES, Project Heavy Green   Pho Pha Thi (LS85)
G003 John J. Garrity, Jr. Project 404? Butterfly FAC & Intelligence Officer MR2 & Vientiane. 1966, 1968
G021 Frederick T. Garside 315 Air Div, Osan, KS SC47 Assistant Flight Engineer KIA - 2 March 1961; North Laos
G014 James Gary   Combat Controller Phou Pha Thi (LS85), 1968
G09 Fred Allen Gassman CCN MACV SOG Recon Team Member KIA/MIA - 5 October 1970; South Laos
G038 James W. Gates 20 Avn Det Pilot OV-1A MIA - 6 April 1966; South Laos
G080 Thomas M. Gatto Project 404    
G040 James Paul Gauley 288 TFW Pilot F105D KIA - 10 January 1967; North Laos
G077 Carl Gause Project 404 Communicator Vientiane 1971
G036 J. Gearheart   Pilot A1E Shot down and rescued, Jan 1966
G056 Paul E. Getchell 8 TBS Copilot B57 KIA/MIA - 11 March 1968; South Laos
G079 Gibson   T 28 Armament Vientiane (L08) 1964
G063 Thomas Eldon Gillen 435 TFS, 8 TFW Pilot F4D MIA - 18 February 1970 North Laos
G058 Gilmore 601 SOS, 56 SOW Pilot A1E Shot down and rescued 26 March 1969
G013 Henry G. Gish Det 1, 1043 RES, Project Heavy Green   KIA/MIA - 11 March 1968; Phou Pha Thi (LS85)
G051 Calvin C. Glover 41 TAS Crew C130A KIA/MIA - 22 May 1968; South Laos
G047 Douglas J. Glover C&C MACV SOG Recon Team Member KIA/MIA - 19 February 1968, South Laos
G074 G. McMurtie Godley US Embassy Ambassador to Laos Vientiane
G067 John Winfred Goeglein 40 ARRS CoPilot HH53C KIA/MIA - 30 June 1970, South Laos
G004 Carlos D. Goembel Det 1, 56 SOW Raven FAC  
G024 Lee A. Goff White Star MTT FB-7 Detatchment XO Savannakhet, 1962
G065 John Bryan Golz   Pilot A4C KIA - 22 April 1970, South Laos
G066 Robert A. Gomez   Pilot F4D KIA/MIA - 23 April 1970, South Laos
G064 David Gonzales HML 167 MAG 16 Crew UH1E KIA/MIA - 21 March 1970, South Laos
G021 Ralph L. Gonzales VO 67 Ordnance Shot down and rescued, Feb 1968; South Laos
G023 Archibald E. (Arch) Gordon 1 SOW? AOC Commander Savannakhet, 1970
G025 John E. Gore White Star MTT FB-7 Supply Sergeant Savannakhet, 1962
G016 Edward L. Gorman Det 1, 1043 RES, Heavy Green   Phou Pha Thi (LS85)
G031 Nobert A. (Norm) Gotner 25 TFS F4D GIB Shot down and captured Feb 1971; South Laos; Released by NVN Mar 1973
G057 Gott   Crew EC47 KIA - 5 February 1969; South Laos
G072 Frank Aldon Gould   Crew B52D MIA - 20 November 1971; North Laos
G060 Laurant Lee Gourley 416 TFS Pilot F100F MIA - 9 August 1969, South Laos
G021 Robert A. Govan 606 ACS Pilot T28D KIA/MIA - 1 April 1967, South Laos
G059 James W. Grace 497 TFS, 8 TFW Pilot F4D KIA/MIA - 14 June 1969, South Laos
G052 Granier 37 ARRS Pilot HH3E Shot down and rescued, 5 October 1968
G034 T. Grant   Pilot A4E Shot down and rescued, Jul 1965
G068 Graves MACV SOG Member Operation Tailwind South Laos, September 1970
G006 Green (NFI) Project 404 Maintenance Savannakhet (L39) 1968-1969
G070 George Curtis Green, Jr. CCC MACV SOG Member RT Washington KIA - 4 December 1970, South Laos
G028 Jack L. Green     Ban Houei Sai 1967-1968
G032 Norman Morgan Green   F4D Pilot KIA - Jan 9, 1968; South Laos
G005 Richard C. (Dick) Green Det 1, 56 SOW Raven FAC Pakse (L11), 1972
G039 Robert Bailey Green   Passenger RLAF C47 KIA - 25 October 1966; South Laos
G037 R. Green   Pilot F105 Shot down and rescued Feb 1966
G007 Melvin L. (Smokey) Green, Jr. Det 1, 56 SOW Raven FAC Long Tieng (LS20A)
G081 Wilbur M. (Wil) Greene CIA Paramilitary Officer North and South Laos, 1968-1969, 1970-1972
G073 Robert R. Greenwood, Jr. 421 TFS GIB F4E KIA/MIA 2 September 1972, North Laos
G027 Roland (Bud) Greenwood LTAG/Hotfoot Team FA-24 team mechanic Savannakhet, 1959-1960
G015 Randall B. Gregory Det 1, 1043 RES, Heavy Green   Phou Pha Thi (LS85)
G053 Grenoble 23 TASS Pilot O2A Shot down and rescued 18 November 1968
G008 Gerald J. Greven Det 1, 56 SOW Raven FAC Long Tieng (LS20A)
G061 Larry I. Grewell 41 TAS Loadmaster C130A KIA 24 November 1969, South Laos
G010 J. Fred Griffin Det 1, 56 SOW Raven FAC  
G046 Robert S. Griffith   UH1H Crew? KIA/MIA - 19 February 1968; South Laos
G029 Richard G. (Dick) Grimes 1 Mob Ground power Phou Pha Thi (LS85), 1966
G009 Kenneth P. Griswold Task Force Alpha, NKP Intelligence Officer Long Tieng (LS20A), 1969
G018 Thomas C. Groomes Det 1, 1043 RES, Heavy Green   Phou Pha Thi (LS85)
G076 Jane Bickford Grover International Volunteer Service IVS Volunteer North Laos 1966-1968
G075 Robert L. Grover International Volunteer Service IVS Volunteer North Laos, 1966-1968
G078 Lynn Ellis Guenther 23 TASS Pilot OV-10A Shot down and captured 26 December 1971; Released by NVN 12 February 1973
G022 Edward (Ed) Gustafson   Missionary Luang Prabang 1964
G050 Louis F. Guillermin 609 ACS Crew A26A KIA/MIA - Apr 30, 1968; South Laos
G030 Andre Rolland Guillet 56 SOW? FAC Observer MIA/KIA - May 18, 1966; South Laos
G026 Rodney A. Guilmette White Star MTT FB-7 Radio Operator Savannakhet & Vientiane 1962
G043 Gulbrandson 8 TFW GIB F4C Shot down and rescued Oct 1967
G033 Harvey Gulick Air America Pilot U10 Helio North Laos 1965
G011 Edwin D. (Ed) Gunter, Jr. Det 1, 56 SOW Raven FAC (Raven 72) Luang Prabang (L54) 1969-1970
G012 Norman C. Gupton Project 404 Administrative Supervisor Long Tieng (LS20A) & Savannakhet 1968-1969 (L39)
G049 Theodore Wilson (Ted) Guy 559 TFS Pilot F4C Shot down and captured 22 March 1968; Released by NVN 26 March 1973

Last Table Update: 30 January 2005

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