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Laos List Summary - "F"

Name and/or location in Red indicates a Casualty

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Vientiane .
F036 Faas 1 SOS Pilot A1J Shot down 18 March 1972 South Laos. Rescued
F024 R. Fairlamb   Crew F4C Shot down 15 March 1968, Rescued
F009 Ludwig (Mad Ludwig) Faistenhammer White Star MTT Commander B Detachment Sam Thong 1962
F016 Patrick M. Fallon 56 SOW Vice Commander KIA 4 July 1969 PDJ North Laos
F042 Joseph Peter Fanning 606 SOS CoPilot C123K KIA/MIA 13 December 1968 South Laos
F010 Robert Farmer   Forward air guide/controller (Butterfly) MR2 1966
F060 Doug Farnsworth HQ 1st CEG Chief, TSQ Installation Team Phou Pha Thi (LS85) 1967
F051 Dennis C. Farris USA Pilot helicopter Non-hostile death 23 February 1971 Lam Son 719 South Laos
F049 David Ashby Farrow Operation Hound Dog Pilot O1E KIA 13 May 1966, South Laos
F029 Fass 601 SOS Pilot A1 Shot down March 1969, Rescued
F031 Fielding W. Featherstone III   Crew F4D KIA/MIA Dec 1969 North Laos
F060 Dan Guinn Feezell A/101 Comancheros UH1 Door Gunner KIA 12 August 1970 South Laos
F030 Charles R. Fellenz 41 TAS Illumination Operator C130A KIA 24 November 1967 South Laos
F025 Allen E. Fellows 23 TASS? Pilot O2A, Forward air controller (Nail?) KIA/MIA 20 March 1968 South Laos
F008 Charles (Charlie) Felsenthal Project 404 Intelligence Officer Savannakhet (L39), 1971-1972, Pakse (L11) 1972, Long Tieng (LS20A) 1972
F027 Fenn   Pilot F100D Shot down 21 December 1968, Rescued
F015 Bernard L. (Ski) Fenske White Star MTT FB-7 S-3 NCO Savannakhet 1962
F038 Charles Frederick Fentner 16 SOS Crew AC130A KIA/MIA 21 December 1972 South Laos
F032 Douglas D. Ferguson   Crew F4D KIA/MIA December 1969 North Laos
F051 William Matthew Fernandez Special Forces Covey Rider KIA 19 February 1971 South Laos
F053 Kennedy D. Fields      
F046 Kenny W. Fields USS America Pilot A7 Shot down 31 May 1968 and rescued 02 June 1968
F001 William D. (Bill) Fiest Project 404 AOC Air Operations Supervisor Vientiane (L08) & Long Tieng (LS20A) 1970-1971
F054 Nikki Fillipi Air America   Thailand & Laos 1967-1974
F035 William Robert Finn 23 TASS? Pilot OV10A KIA/MIA December 1971 South Laos
F028 Charles E. Finney USMC Crew A6A KIA 17 March 1969 South Laos
F002 Richard R. (Dick) Fiore Project 404 Crypto Maintenance & Radio Operator Savannakhet (L39) 1968-1969
F040 Donald G. Fisher 16 SOS Crew AC130A KIA 22 April 1970 South Laos
F055 M. G, Fisher Project 404? AOC Commander? 1972
F026 Richard Allan Fitts C&C North MACVSOG Recon Team Member KIA 30 November 1968 South Laos
F039 Barry Frank Fivelson 159 Avn Bn, 101 Abn Div (Ambl) Passenger/pilot orientation CH47C KIA/MIA 15 February 1971 - Lam Son 719 South Laos
F061 Thomas J. Flaherty, Jr. Det 3, 1st CEG TSQ Installation Team Phou Pha Thi (LS85) 1967
F023 B. Flanagan   Pilot F100D Shot down 25 Feb 1968. Rescued
F034 Fleming 174 AHC CoPilot UH1 Shot down 3 March 1971. Rescued 5 March 1971 Lam Son 719 South Laos
F048 Richard A. Fleming 20 SOS CoPilot CH3E KIA 17 January 1969 at TACAN site at LS36 North Laos
F017 John Leroy Flinn 1 SOS A1 Pilot KIA 2 July 1969 - Muong Soui -North Laos
F044 Joseph (Joe) Flipse International Volunteer Service and USAID USAID Refugee Relief Pfficer and Community Development Officer Ban Houei Sai North Laos 1960s
F011 Melvin L. Flitcraft 506 TCMS Communications   1968-1969
F003 Russell E. Flowers 1 ACW, Project 404 Medic   1970
F020 Brendan Patrick Foley 11 TRS Pilot RF4C KIA/MIA 24 Nov 1967 North Laos
F056 L. T. Follis Project 404? Maintenance Savannakhet 1972-1973
F021 Gary Henry Fors USMC Crew F4B KIA/MIA 22 Dec 1967 South Laos
F018 Forte Air America Crew DC3 Killed Air Crash 13 Aug 1961
F058 Thomas (Tom) Fosmire CAS Unit Chief Savannakhet (Det 4) Savannakhet 1968?-1969
F022 Paul L. Foster 609 ACS? Crew B26K (A26A) KIA/MIA 29 Dec 1967 South Laos
F004 Robert (Bob) Foster Det 1, 56SOW Chief Raven FAC Vientiane (L08) 1969-1971
F019 Fowler   Pilot, A1H Shot down 15 Nov 1966, Rescued
F045 Andrea Fowler International Volunteer Serfice   Ban Houei Sai North Laos 1974
F043 Fred Frahm Air America Crew UH34A Shot down and rescued 16 February 1971
F059 Mark Frankland      
F057 G. E. Franklin Project 404? AOC Commander Savannakhet (L39) 1973-1974
F005 Gerald T. (Gerry) Frazier Project 404 Intelligence Officer, AIRA1972-1973
F014 Robert (Bob) Freeland US Embassy Assistant Army Attache Vientiane 1960
F013 Glenn E. Frick   Pilot Luang Prabang (L54) 1964
F012 John W. (Jack) Frye US Embassy Army Attache Vientiane 1970-1972
F033 Bruce C. Fryar USS Ranger Crew A6A KIA/MIA 2 January 1970 South Laos
F050 Dennis A. Fujii 237 Medical Detachment (Dustoff) Medic WIA 18 February 1971 LZ Ranger North Lam Son 719 South Laos. Recovered 23 February 1971
F041 Waylon O. Fulk 16 SOS Crew AC130A Shot down 30 March 1972. Entire crew bailed out and rescued during largest SAR in SEA war. South Laos
F037 James R. Fuller 16 SOS Flight Engineer AC130A KIA/MIA 21 December 1972 South Laos
F006 John H. Fuller, Jr. Det 1, 56 SOW Raven FAC (Raven 28) North Laos; 1970
F007Jerry D Furche Det 1, 56 SOW Raven FAC 1970
F047 Ronald Furtak 602 SOS Pilot A1 Emergency landed A1 at LS22 July 1968. Recovered by AAM

Last Table Update: 21 January 2006

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