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Laos List Summary - "A"

Name and/or Location in Red were Casualties

Note: This summary list may not agree with the corresponding detailed list due to ongoing updates.

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A041 Clarence J. Abadie, Jr. Air America Helicopter Pilot Countrywide 1960-1965?
A001 Wayne T. Abbey Det 1, 56 SOW Raven FAC  
A002 Robert L. Abbott      
A014 Robert Joseph Acalotto 48 Aviation Company, VS UH1C Door Gunner MIA 20 February 1971; Savannakhet Province, South Laos
A003 Walter E. Ackerlund Det 1, 56 SOW Raven FAC  
A015 James Howard Ackley Air America C123 Crew MIA 7 March 1973 Vic Pak Beng
A016 Thomas Yuji Adachi 16 SOS, Ubon, TH AC130A Crew KIA/MIA 22 April 1970 South Laos
A033 Morris N. Adair MACV SOG Operation Tailwind Team Member South Laos
A017 John Quincy Adam 41 TAS, Ubon, TH C130A Crew MIA 22 May 1968 Savannakhet Province
A049 E. G. Adams Air America C-46 Pilot Countrywide 1962-1973
A030 J. Adams 21 SOS HH53 Flight Engineer North Laos
A023 John Robert Adams US Army   KIA/MIA 8 November 1967 South Laos
A059 Marvin S. Adams USOM Contract Community Development Technician Xieng Lom 1966
A057 Eugene (Gene) Adcock Project 404 Trained Forward Air Guides North Laos 1966, Unk 1969
A008 Harry C. (Heinie) Aderholt Det 2, 1045 OETGP; 1095 OETGP; 56ACW; USAF SAWC/USAF SOF; AFAG, JUSMAG Thailand; USMACTHAI/DEPCHIEF JUSMAGTHAI; USMACTHAI, JUSMAGTHAI Detachment Commander; Commander; Wing Commander; Deputy Commander for Operations; Deputy Commander; Commander, Chief JUSMAG Okinawa, NKP Thailand, Eglin AFB, FL; Bangkok, Thailand
A051 Al Adolph Continental Air Service (CASI) Pilot PC6? North Laos 1965-1967
A051 Tom Ahern      
A056 Gus Albrecht      
A018 John Scott Albright II 606 SOS, NKP, TH C123K Navigator MIA 13 December 1968 Savannakhet Province, South Laos
A019 Donald Dean Aldern Attack Air Wing 19 USS Oriskany A7A Pilot KIA/MIA 29 June 1970 Attopeu Province, South Laos
A060 Peggy D. Alexander IVS English Teacher Vientiane 1966
A011 Joseph G. N. Allaire 56 SOW, NKP, TH Explosive Ordnance Disposal Savannakhet (L39)
A029 Richard Kenneth Allee USAF F105D Pilot KIA 21 December 1968 South Laos
A045 Clinton (Chuck) Allen, Sr. LTAG/Hotfoot, White Star MTT Team Chief FTT 2 & FTT33A; Team Control Det XO/S1 Moung Huon, Nam Tha, Vientiane
A009 Clinton (Chuck) Allen, Sr. LTAG/Hotfoot, White Star MTT Team Chief FTT 2 & FTT33A; Team Control Det XO/S1 Moung Huon, Nam Tha, Vientiane
A004 Henry L. (Hank) Allen Det 1, 56 SOW Raven FAC MIA/KIA 26 March 1970
A044 John Allen FOB 1, Phu Bai OPS 35 Team Leader Spike Team Alaska South Laos Cross Border Ops 1968
A040 Samuel Almendariz C&C Det 5SFG(A) Recon Team Member KIA 12 July 1967 South Laos
A061 Anthony V. Alramonte USOM Auditor Vientiane 1966
A062 Paul B. Altemus IVS English Teacher Savannakhet 1966
A026 Herbert Altman 435 TFS, 8 TFW GIB F4D Shot down and rescued 28 December 1967 South Laos
A036 Robert Wayne Altus 4 TFS Pilot F4E KIA/MIA 23 November 1971 South Laos
A046 Jesus O. Alvarez 1 Sq, 1 Cav, 23 Americal Div Door Gunner UH1 Crashed and rescued 10 Aug 1970 South Laos
A045 Burton Ammundsen US Embassy Medical Officer Vientiane, 1965
A037 Thomas Hugh Amos USAF Pilot F4D KIA 20 April 1972 South Laos
A038 Anderson VMFA 232, MAG 15 Crew F4J Shot down and rescued 20 November 1972 South Laos
A005 (Andy) Anderson Project 404 Radio Operator Savannakhet (L39) 1968-1969
A043 Denis Leon Anderson VO 67, NKP TH Pilot OP2E KIA 11 January 1968 South Laos
A054 Donald (Andy) Anderson Air America Pilot, Helio Courier North Laos 1959-1960
A006 Ernest B. (Ernie) Anderson Det 1, 56 SOW Raven FAC  
A020 Evelyn Anderson Christian Missions of Many Lands Missionary Killed by PAVN 27 October 1972, Kengkok
A010 Lawrence L (Larry) Anderson White Star MTT S4 FTT B7 Savannakhet
A012 Robert Anderson (#1) 56 SOW, NKP, TH Explosive Ordnance Disposal Savannakhet (L39)
A013 Robert Anderson (#2) 56 SOW, NKP, TH Explosive Ordnance Disposal Savannakhet (L39)
A031 Howard Vincent Andre, Jr. 609 SOS Navigator A26A KIA 8 July 1969 North Laos
A048 William R. (Bill) Andresevic Air America Chief STOL Pilot Laos Vientiane
A063 J. Russell Andrus USOM Chief of Education Office Vientiane 1966
A007 William W. Angliss Det 1, 56 SOW Raven FAC  
A024 Richard Duane Appelhans USAF Crew RF4C MIA 16 October 1967 South Laos
A035 Randolph Jefferson Ard USA Pilot? OH58A KIA 7 March 1971 South Laos
A021 Arendale USN Pilot? F4B Shot down and rescued 21 April 1966
A050 Raymond Lee Armentrout D/3/5/5Inf Crew Chief OH58A KIA 23 February 1971, Savannakhet Province, South Laos
A039 Steven Ray Armitstead USMC Crew A6A KIA/MIA 17 March 1969 South Laos
A064 Geoffrey S. Armour USOM Contract Area Community Development Advisor Savannakhet 1966
A022 Frank Alton Armstrong III USAF Pilot A1E KIA 6 October 1967 South Laos
A025 John William Armstrong 480 TFS Pilot/GIB F4C KIA/MIA 9 November 1967 Khammouane Province, South Laos
A047 Stanley K. Armstrong Air America   In country 1964-1969
A055 Howard D. Armstrong      
A042 Robert (Bob) Arnau 21 SOS Pilot CH3 Countrywide
A028 Arntzen VO 67, NKP, TH Technician OP2E Bailed out and rescued 27 February 1968
A027 Clayborne Willis Ashby, Jr. VO 67, NKP, TH Crew OP2E KIA 2/17/68 South Laos
A065 Ray Atkins USOM/BPR Contract Camp Manager - Public Roads Vientiane 1966
A032 Richard Lee Ayres USAF Pilot? RF4C KIA/MIA 16 April 1970 South Laos
A034 James Henry Ayres 34 TFS Pilot F4E MIA 3 January 1971 South Laos

Last Table Update: 13 August 2006  

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