This Weekend I Won
My First Bass Tournament

The Weston, Massachusetts
RGT Classic
By Gary Dragoon

This weekend I won my first Bass Tournament. No it wasnít the FLW or Bass Masters Classic it was the RGT Classic. I know your all saying what is the RGT Classic, Iíve never heard of it but you as Bass fisherman have a participated in this tournament many times and I hope that most if not all of you have won it a time or two.

This weekend I won with 2 outstanding prizes. The second was the largest bass I had ever caught (see photo attached). Having caught a few in my day this big boy caught me by surprise. With only a few more casts before we had to leave I threw out a Texas rigged worm into a small hole I had seen and felt a little tug. The next part I have to give credit to Mickey Maynard who a few weeks back gave me a lesson or two in setting the hook so I waited a second, gave it a good set and off we went. I was using a rig with 8 lb test and had the drag set light, as I was not expecting to hook up with one this size. He took about 20 or 30 feet before I could add a little more drag and get my heart rate under control. We went back and forth for about 5 minutes with a dash into a weed bed and a nice jump before he started to tire and gave me a little line. I got him to the shore and grabbed on to the biggest bass I had ever caught. We got the hook out, took a few photos and got the big boy back into the water to sire a few more monsters. This was my second prize.

The first prize was one that met the most to me and that was a great experience with my son and stepson. It isnít very often that we get to go out as a group and have the kind of day we had where we all caught fish, some larger than other and have stories that will last us a lifetime. Isnít this why we started to fish and continue to fish? Few things in life compare to the joy you get as a father seeing your son or stepson bring one in and get the big smile on their face (it wasnít bad getting my biggest bass either).

So what you ask is the RGT Classic? Well it is the oldest ongoing tournament in the US and one of the most fun. You donít need a sponsor or even a boat. What you do need is a little time, a favorite spot and someone to enjoy fishing with. You already know what the RGT Classic is you have it every time you go out fishing.

RGT Classic (Really Great Time)