West Coast Bounty

Thanks to Jeff and his sons Jesse and Blake for these outstanding shots of their west coast fishing bounty. The first two photos are darkened a bit to highlight the tasty fluorescent blue flesh of a cabezone. Next are pictures of Jeff and a nice reel-burning albacore along with a shot of the meaty fillets of three fish, from a trip off Santa Cruz. Speaking of meaty, the next picture in order shows an abalone Jeff gathered while diving off the coast. The abalone is a real treat, selling for $60 to $80 dollars a pound in restaurants. They have stripers out there too, as you can see. Blake caught his prize at the basin of the Nimbus Dam. Of course there are Pacific salmon as well, like the pool winner the boys are measuring below or the big king salmon Jesse has to support with his knees. Finally, there's another shot of Jeff and a "small" halibut taken from San Francisco Bay. Jeff spear fishes too and has taken bigger halibut by that method. The fishing is good out west, and so is the eating!

Cabezone! Mouthwash anyone?

Blue meat

Santa Cruz Albacore

Fillets of three albacore

Abalone, Yum!

Blake's Nimbus Dam striper

Pool Winner $$$!

Two Kings

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