Ground Fishing
Tantas Ledge,
Gulf of Maine

In September of 2003 we spent a week fishing Tantas Ledge in the Gulf of Maine. The weather was excellent and the Atlantic was calm for the most part. We traveled 12 miles out with the tuna boats to Tantas each day from our base at Marstons Marina on the Saco River. Although the dogfish (small sharks) had invaded the fishing grounds, we were able to catch good numbers of cod, haddock and cusk on Norwegian style jigs. We also caught pollock, robins, herring, and dogfish. On five different occaisions we had whales surfacing very near our boat. Large sharks also hovered alongside our 22' Bayliner scarfing up the undersized fish we were returning. The tuna were around too, as we heard of several reports of fish caught on days we were out there. In the evening we were treated to large groups of schooly stripers feeding in the Saco River. Although these linesides were kind of small, they provided consistant action on light jigs and tubes/worm combos.

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