Lake Champlain
Pan Fish

Yellow Perch
Pan fish!

Lake Champlain holds big yellow perch and lots of them. It is not uncommon to catch over hundred fish on a good day of fishing! There is a thriving commercial perch fishery on Lake Champlain, but it is threatened by white perch and cormorant invasions. Click here to see lots of perch.

White or black crappie can be found here!

The CRAPPIE you see here is the black crappie strain. To see a white crappie, click on the caption above. There is a commercial crappie fishery on the lake where whole large black crappie are usually worth over $2 a pound! Don't forget the 25 fish limit.

Bluegill or pumpkinseed abound!

SUNFISH are a favorite for many youngsters and are abundant in the shallow weedy bays of the lake. An angler might encounter bluegill or pumpkinseed of hybrid versions of the two. These robust panfish are also part of the commercial fishery on Lake Champlain but these guys aren't worth as much as the perch or crappie.

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