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Waterway Marking System

A green cylinder shaped bouy is refered to as a "can". It has an odd number and marks the left side of a channel. The right side of a channel is marked by an even numbered, red tapered bouy called a "nun". This applies when a vessel is heading away from the sea. On the broad waters of Lake Champlain, this means heading in a southerly direction or up the tributaries. Always remember, "RED on RIGHT when RETURNING from the sea (or facing upstream)".
There are certain items which are required to be on board your boat. They include;
At least one USCG approved PFD for each person on board. Children under 12 years must wear a USCG approved type I or II PFD. The PFDs must be in good condition!
A sufficient anchor and line.
A mouth whistle or better is required for boats under 26 feet.
Power boats over 18 feet must have a bright distress flag and three USCG approved hand held red flares.
Boats over 26 feet are required to have marine fire extinguishers, a bell and mechanical whistle.
Navigational lights are required for all boats operating at night.
Required Equipment
Extreme Weather Current weather patterns are resulting in more extreme conditions throughout the world. Lake Champlain is no exception. Many fishermen are noticing the daily conditions becoming more volatile and erratic. When out on the lake, be on the lookout for changing weather and quickly forming storms. Find safe harbor until danger passes.

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