Hot Largemouth Bass Spots
on Lake Champlain

1 - This point, just off the Alburg Springs road, sits directly on the US/Canadian border. It is in and of itself a good spot to fish largemouth bass, but the entire Missisquoi Bay can be equally productive depending on season, staging areas and water levels. This bay is the northern most Mecca for largemouth bass on Lake Champlain. It is highly recommended that you remain south of the border latitude where this spot is marked. Travel directly east and you will end up in greater Missisquoi Bay. As you follow the main point in this bay you will find branches of the Misissquoi River delta with excellent bass fishing. There are some wildlife management areas that are marked as off limits. There is also a rocky reef in the center of this bay that is also very productive.
2 - Fish the bay to the south of Fort Blunder and reeds along the west shore of the lake. Rip rap along the bridge and parking area where US Customs trailers are is also a good shoreline to target.
3 - There is a small launch in Kelly Bay that gets a good deal of use early in the season when water levels are high. This bay is shallow and weedy with reeds throughout. It is an excellent location to fish bass and pike. There are bridge abutments and many old pilings in the area that hold fish as well.
4 - Catfish Bay is another shallow weedy bay with reeds, mats and lilly pads that hold largemouth from spring to fall.
5 - Kings Bay, another shallow weedy bay at the mouth of the Great Chazy River can be outstanding largemouth bass habitat. Fish the west shore from the river delta all the way to the northeast corner of the bay.
6 - Pelots Bay to the south of Carry Bay is productive largemouth water. There is a great deal of milfoil as you proceed to the inner bay but shorelines are good areas to target. There is a marsh deep in the bay that provides good habitat for largemouth bass.
7 - Monty's Bay with its marsh and marinas makes our list for sure. The marsh and reeds along the southern shore offer good fishing as do the docks moorings and breakwaters of the marinas along the western shore.
8 - The marsh along the southeastern shore of the Inland Sea near the causway is another great area to hunt down some big bass. There is a sandy bottom here but as anglers probe deep into the marsh the bottom breaks up and bass habitat improves. Rip rap along the causeway can also be productive.
9 - The delta of the Lamoille River is yet another location where big largemouth hang out. In spring anglers can fish up river along banks and under fallen trees. Reeds on the delta are also good options to pitch jigs and rip spinnerbaits or work topwater baits in calm or light wind conditions.
10 - This spot in inner Mallets Bay marks the mouth of an excellent creek to target largemouth. The marinas of inner Mallets Bay also provides good habitat for largemouth bass. Docks along the southern shore of this bay and the next smaller bay to the west where the public launch is hold some bruisers!
11 - The eastern shore of this bay where the tributary deltas empty are lined with reeds, mats and lilly pads at various times of the year. This spot get less pressure from bass anglers as they often pass by it on their route to and from the north and south ends of the lake.
12 - Another under fished area where largemouth can be found is the delta of the Otter Creek. Fish the adjacent eastern shorelines and up into the creek in the spring.
13 - The eastern shoreline just south of the Crown Point Bridge is another spot that can produce excellent catches of largemouth bass. The fish stack up here just before the lake opens up into deeper water north of the bridge. In fact the largemouth populations from this point south are very robust and the abundant weed growth offers excellent habitat. Pick a shoreline or a weed mat in the southern end of Lake Champlain and you're likely to find largemouth bass around.
14 - Ticondaroga! Another area where you cant go wrong. Fish the deltas near East Creek or the LaChute River fish the weed lined shores around the fort or fish the shorelines around the launch and ferry dock and you'll catch em big time. In the spring go up into East Creek for an amazing treck into a marshy spawning area.

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