Leaving Liverpool
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The Settlers and Their
English Parish of Origin

William Akester, Beverley, Yorkshire
William Algar,Osmotherly, Yorkshire
David Allison, Brompton by Sawdon, Yorkshire
William Beswick, Brompton by Sawdon, Yorkshire
John Bone, -
Richard Boyce, Kirkdale, Yorkshire
Edward Braithwaite, Bubwith, Yorkshire
Luke Bravender, Hackness, Yorkshire
Phillip Brenton, St. Eval, Cornwall
Uriah Brothers, Yardley, Warwickshire
James Brown, -
Henry Buroughdale, Whitehaven, Cumberland
James Clark, -
Matthew Clark, Hovingham, Yorkshire
Francis Clarkson, Little Driffield, Yorkshire
Joseph Beacon Cliff, Gringley on the Hill, Nottingham
Walkington Cliff, Gringley on the Hill, Nottingham
John Cockerline, Easington, Yorkshire
Charles Collings, Cornwall
Francis Cookman, Owthorne, Yorkshire
Matthew Cordukes, Hutton Bushel, Yorkshire
John Crossley, Lower Place, Rochdale, Lancashire
Richard Dennison, Coxwold, Yorkshire
William Dibb, Swine, Yorkshire
Thomas Dickinson, Atwick, Yorkshire
Thomas Dolby, -
Francis Durham, Hemingbrough, Yorkshire
Thomas Durham, Sculcoates, Yorkshire
Charles Ellerton, Cottingham, Yorkshire
Mark Elvidge, Kilham, Yorkshire
Joseph Etherington, -
Ralph Featherston, Stanhope, Durham
Thomas Fewster, Sculcoates, Yorkshire
Allan Fordan, -
John Foster, -
Richard Foster, Alford, Lincolnshire
Thomas Foster, Wawne, Yorkshire
George Francis, -
Robert Gibson, -
William Gibson, -
Samuel Goff, -
William Goforth, Holme upon Spalding Moor, Yorkshire
Samuel Gray, Egton, Yorkshire
Robert Graystock, -
Francis Hall, -
John Hall, Hull, Yorkshire
George Harman, Patrington, Yorkshire
Richard Harper, Hunmanby, Yorkshire
William Harris, -
Henry Hewitt, -
Thomas Hewson, Skirlaugh, Yorkshire
Thomas Hewson, Withernwick, Yorkshire
Henry Hobbs, -
Thomas Hodgson, Stanhope, Durham
David Holder, Burstwick, Yorkshire
Henry Hoyle, Baucup, Lancashire
Robert Hoyle, Baucup, Lancashire
George Hutchings, -
Samuel Ireland, -
John Jackson, -
Marmaduke Jackson, Easington near Patrington, Yorkshire
John Johnson, Scotter, Lincolnshire
Alexander Joiner, -
Richard Jones, -
George Keddy, Pickering, Yorkshire
John Keddy, Pickering, Yorkshire
Simon Kemp, Hull, Yorkshire
Thomas Kemp, Hull, Yorkshire
Albert Kent, -
John Lamb, Withernsea, Yorkshire
Robert Lazenby, Holme upon Spalding Moor, Yorkshire
William Lindley, Owston, Lincolnshire
William Lownsbrough, Lastingham, Yorkshire
James Magson, Hovingham, Yorkshire
Joseph Matthews, -
William Miller, Nafferton, Yorkshire
Ralph Moore, Muston, Yorkshire
Thomas Moore, Muston, Yorkshire
William Mussen, Preston by Hedon, Yorkshire
John Nichol, -
Francis Nichols, Fangfoss, Yorkshire
Robert Outhet, Filey, Yorkshire
George Paine, Maltby Le Marsh, Lincolnshire
Thomas Palliser, Hutton Bushel, Yorkshire
Richard Peacock, -
Edmund Peck, Diss, Norfolk
William Pollard, -
John Quest, Sculcoates, Yorkshire
John Radley, Skeckling with Burstwick, Yorkshire
John Revel, Brayton, Yorkshire
Thomas Roantree, Pittingdon, Durham
Charles Robinson, Yorkshire
Peter Robinson, Yorkshire
William Robinson, Yorkshire
Thomas Scafe, Harrogate, Yorkshire
David Scott, Foston on the Wolds, Yorkshire
William Seamans, -
Peter Smith, Owthorne, Yorkshire
Robert Speck, -
Joseph Standage, Owston, Lincolnshire
William Standage, Owston, Lincolnshire
Francis Stead, Sheriff Hutton, Yorkshire
James Stephenson, Great Givendale, Yorkshire
Robert Straker, Kilham, Yorkshire
Christopher Strapps, Sculcoates, Yorkshire
Edward Taylor, -
Benjamin Tennison, Atwick, Yorkshire
John Turner, -
Joseph Wallace, Hornsea, Yorkshire
Robert Ward, Pickering, Yorkshire
Henry Watson, -
John Watson, -
George Waudby, -
Michael Williamson, Bossall, Yorkshire
Paul Wilson, Withern with Stain Lincolnshire
Joseph Wilson, Hornsea, Yorkshire
Henry Winterbottom, Padiham, Lancashire
Christopher Yarrow, Long Newton, Durham

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