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Index of 19th Century photos, papers and documents in alphabetical order by surname (maps not included)

Letter, Ship Captain Thomas Minnitt, Hull England, to William Akester, arrangements for passage to Quebec

Photo, Yorkshire native, Robert Akester with Julius and Mary Akester at rock west of Roxham homestead

Photo, Robert Akester Farm House

Photo, Wife of William Allison, Jane Daggett 1828-1905

Odelltown Methodist Class List, Richard Beswick Leader

Photo, Kirkdale Parish Church, Yorkshire, Eng. Richard Boyce

List, births, from bible, children of Richard Boyce and Elizabeth Petty

Photo, Elizabeth Boyce and William W. Maynard

Photo, Elizabeth M. Boyce, daughter of Richard Boyce and Elizabeth Petty

Photo, family of Richard Boyce Jr. and Jennie Clarkson

Photo, Edward Braithwaite

Photo, Sarah Ann Paine Braithwaite

Photo, Luke Bravender II (1820-1907)

Obituary, Luke Bravender II, d. 1907, see wife Jane Clark

Photo, Roxham Methodist Church, on Luke Bravender property

Extract, 1851 Census of Lacolle, James Clark, listed "No Religion"

Photo, Jane Clark (1822-1912), wife of Luke Bravender II

Obituary, Jane Clark, d. 1912, wife of Luke Bravender II

Photo, Sampler, 1827, by Jane Clarkson young immigrant from Little Driffield, Yorkshire, England

Photo, Grandfather Clock made in Driffield, Yorkshire, England, brought to Canada by Francis Clarkson

Photo, Jennie Clarkson, daughter of Flinton Clarkson

Photo, Jane Haldenby, daughter of Jane Clarkson and Edward Haldenby

Death Announcements, John Cockerline and wife Mary Jackson

Photo, Easington near Patrington, Yorkshire, England native, John Cockerline

Second Photo, Easington near Patrington, Yorkshire, England native, John Cockerline

Letters, 18 and 19 Apr, 1839, from Wm. Cockerline Sr. and Jr. to John Cockerline, news from Yorkshire of fathers poor health, re. Capt. Geo. Cookman

Letter, 20 Oct., 1834, from Thos. Cockerline of Thornhill, Ontario to bro. John Cockerline, Henrysburg, Que., re. cousin R. Cockerline at Hope, Ontario

Letter, 13 Oct.,1861, from Wm. Cockerline, Holmpton, Yorkshire, England to John Coockerline of Henrysburg, Quebec

Photo, soldier John Cockerline Jr., Feinean Raids Period uniform

Photo, Ann Cockerline

Photo, Thomas Cockerline

List, births, from bible of Cornwall native Charles Collings and Susan Fitzpatrick

Photo, John Collings and wife Mary Cookman

Card of Remembrance, Mary Cookman Collings

Photo, ca 1940, William Charles Collings

Photo, ca 1905, W.C. Collings livery and sale stable, Hemmingford, Gertrude Keddy and Margaret Collings in carriage with horse*

Photo, Matilda Collings daughter of Charles Collings and wife of Thomas H. Dickinson

Portrait, Captain George Cookman of Hull, Yorkshire, England

Document, booklet, "Hints to an Emigrant", tips on emigration from Hull to America via Liverpool, advise by George Cookman

Last will and testament, Grimston Cookman 1820

Obituary, Francis Cookman, native of Owthorne, Yorkshire, England dies, 24 December, 1846

Last will and testament, Francis Cookman, 21 May, 1847*

Certificate of Promotion, 15 Sept., 1847, Wm. Cookman promoted to rank of Captain of 4th Battalion of the Huntingdon Co. Militia*

Photos, Francis Cookman Home, before and after fire

Photo, John Albert Cookman

Photo, Christiana Sophia Busby

Photo, Annie Cookman (Mrs. Herman Clarkson)

Extract, St. Johns News, notice of the death of Mary Cookman Collings

Card of Remembrance, Mrs. Mary (Winterbottom) Dennison wife of Richard Dennison

Photo, Fannie Dennison wife of David Jackson*

Photo Elizabeth Dennison wife of Edward Bravender Wallace*

Photo, Mary Ann Dennison and George VanVliet*

Photo, George Dennison 1858 and Elizabeth Manley*

Photo, Lucy M. Dennison

Marriage Licence, Thomas Dibb Cookman and Mary E. Stringer, 8 June, 1873, Kane Co., Illinois*

Baptism certificate, Margaret Dibb, daughter of William and Mary Dibb, Swine, Yorkshire, England, 1809

Marriage certificate, Thomas H. Dickinson and Matilda Collings, Hallerton

Card of Remembrance, John Dickinson

Photo, Thomas Dickinson, Sarah Ann Fennell, and three of their children ca. 1910

Photo, Thomas Dickinson and Sarah Ann Fennell with two young sons William L. and Elmer J., Chateaguay, NY, 1889

Odelltown, Methodist Church class list, Thomas Dolby leader

Extract, Huntington Gleaner, notice of the death of Charles Ellerton

Photo, Hallerton Group, Robert Ellerton occupies the chair

Photo, Frankie Ellerton

Deed, 1823, Mark Elvidge buys lot 46 on the 4th concession south of domain from Edmund Weldon and Joseph Odell*

Photo, Laura Elvidge

Photo, Elizabeth Williams, wife of George H. Elvidge

Photo, Lockwood Elvidge, son of John Elvidge and Mary Allison, ca 1900

Photo, Elizabeth Meade wife of Lockwood Elvidge, ca 1885

Photo, Featherston Shoe shop, Lacolle Village

Certificate of Warranty, White Sewing Machine Co., sold to Wm Featherstone, 3 Aug., 1885*

Photo, Edward Hall

Certificate of Confirmation, Louisa Hewson, St Saviours, Lacolle, 1864

Photo, Robert Hoyle from glass plate miniature

Photo, Eliza Bartlett Nye Hoyle, wife of Robert Hoyle, glass plate miniature

Photo, Sarah Ruth Hoyle VanVliet, Apr 24,1884, Notman Archives

Photo, William Henry VanVliet, husband of Sarah Ruth Hoyle, from locket

Photo, Henry Hoyle mansion house

Photo, Timothy Hoyle, son of Henry, Dec 30, 1880 Notman Archives

Photo, Timothy Hoyle, son of Henry Hoyle

Letter, 1829, to Mary Jackson wife of John Cockerline from William Jackson her brother, re. Frances Cookman, Wm. Dibb, John Hall

Photo, William Jackson, son of William and Mary (Scott) Jackson

Last will and testament, John Jackson, son of Marmaduke

Photo, Church at Pickering, Yorkshire, England

Photo, John Keddy, Pickering, Yorkshire, England native

Last will and testament, John Keddy

Receipts, Bogton 1869, 1872 and 1873 John Keddy

Photo, George W. Keddy and wife Mary Young Kenny

Deed, 5 Nov., 1842, Thomas Kemp buys lot 5 on the 4th concession of domain for his minor brother Simon from Wm Beswick

Odelltown Methodist class list, Simon Kemp leader

Photo, George Lownsbrough the younger

Photo, Annie M. Lownsbrough daughter of George Lownsbrough Sr.

Deed, 4 May, 1827, William Miller buys lot 126, 9th concession south of domain, Lacolle, signed by Thomas Foster and Henry Winterbottom

Photo, George Moore son of Ralph Moore and Jane Cooper

Photo, Family of Silas Odell and Mary Elizabeth Mussen

Photo, Georgianna Mussen

Photo, Lottie Mussen

Photo, William Fraser Mussen

Photo, Thomas Edward Mussen

Photo, David A. Mussen son of David Mussen

Letter, 12 May, 1828, to John and Hewson Paine from their father

George Paine, re. box sent with Mr. Wardel, re. Paul Wilson

Letter, 1830, to John and Hewson Paine, immigrants, from their parents in Maltby le Marsh, Lincolnshire, England

Letter, Another same as above

Photo, Hannah Scott and Hewson Paine immigrant settlers

Photo, Mary Paine,daughter of Hewson and Hannah

Photo, Janet Paine and Rev. Armstrong

Photo, Jabez Paine and Millie Paine

Photo, Arthur Peacock

Photo, Hattie Radley

Photo, Mary Radley

Photo, Sam Radley

Photo, William Radley

Photo, Ida Radley

Ship Portrait, 1780, The ship Mayflower off Hull, according to some descendant's claims, this vessel carried Lacolle's English Robinson brothers to Canada

Letter, 11 Apr., 1829, to William Appleby from John Jennison, re. David Scott

Photo, Hannah (Scott) Paine and daughter Sophie Paine

Photo, Peter Smith and wife Margaret Radley

Photo, Peter Smith homestead

Poem, John B. Smith

Photo, Peter Smith son of Peter Smith

Baptisim extract, 14 May, 1885, William son of John Strapps and Margaret Graham*

Photo, Mattie Strapps and Johnny Glass

Photo, John Strapps

Odelltown Methodist Church class list, Joseph Wilson leader

Photo, ca 1930s, "Old Barn Farm", Winterbottom estate at Hapton, Padiham, Lancashire*

Photo, the old barn, built 1600s -1800s at Winterbottom estate, Hapton, Padiham, Lancashire*

Photo, Gawthorpe Hall, Padiham, Lancashire, estate of Henry Winterbottom's sister Mary Winterbottom Wright*

Class List, Roxham Methodist Church, Odelltown Circuit, 1881

Subscription List for an organ for Roxham Methodist Church, 1883

Photo, Roxham Episcopal Church and Schoolhouse

Photo, Roxham Episcopal School

Photo, Roxham Episcopal School Class ca. 1900, Mabel Glass teacher

St. John the Baptist Church, Hallerton

Photo, Odelltown Methodist Church and Parsonage

Photo, St. Saviour's Anglican Church, Lacolle

Photo, Canon Ernest E. Dawson, Lacolle

Photo, Church St., Lacolle

In addition to the above list, the reference contains early 19th Century English parish profiles and maps. Also included are many maps to assist the researcher in pinpointing the location of the settler's Lacolle properties based on an enumeration which was completed around 1860.

This list would be considerably smaller were it not for the generosity of the many family historians who have shared copies of their precious old photos, letters or documents. If you have benefited from this pool please consider donating a black and white copy of any 19th Century item relating to the settlers or their families such as those listed above. As well, any genealogical data or insight of any kind relating to the settlers or Lacolle history is welcome.

In time this reference will be housed in the Hemmingford, Quebec Historical Archives for the mutual benefit of the archives and local researchers.

NOTE: Additional documentation not selected for use in the reference may be available for some families.

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