Ady and Capt. Jack

Our 2005 trip to South Florida was a good one. The top picture shows the colorful beauty of a 43 inch Kingfish hauled in by Ady aboard "The Fishin Fool" with the assistance of Capt. Jack Trubee of Pompano Beach. This smoker king was caught off a reef just a short distance from Lighthouse Point near the famous Hillsboro Country Club. Capt. Jack also trolls for sailfish, dolphin, wahoo and tuna. While we were there he boated a 22 pound strawberry grouper with a client while trolling for kings! His wife Mo makes a tasty smoked fish dip too.

The jetty opposite the lighthouse is the scene of the next few photos. There are a couple of nice sheephead pictures and one close-up of its mouth showing rows of curious teeth used to crush shells and barnacles. You don't want to put your fingers in their mouth!!!



Teeth need bleaching

Next is a series of pictures of small colorful fish Marshall caught off the jetty with a Sabiki rig tipped with shrimp. He also caught one with bright red spots but it broke the hook and hopped back in before we could snap a picture. Swimming around the jetty along with these were parrotfish, clownfish and several others in various shades of blue that would not be captured. I also threw in three shots of pretty fish caught from the pier because they seemed to fit in nicely with Marshall's group. All these beautiful fish were released after being photographed.

Spanish Hogfish

like a little dolphin

Sunny Fish



Scrawled Filefish

The following three shots were taken in Islemorada Key where Marshall and I spent a day fishing the party boat. Marshall is holding a triggerfish in the first and a blue runner in the second. In the third picture, Adam, a helpful deck hand prepares to clean our fish. We each caught a short grouper that day too but sent them back quickly, without a photo.


blue Runner

Adam cleans our fish

The last four pictures show Jamie with a hefty Jack Crevalle, and this old man showing off a blue runner and a toothy spotted pinfish. The last of the four is Marshall's blue runner caught abord The Fishin Fool. We caught loads of fish and had a great time in South Florida. Thanks to Tom and Kevin C. for making our trip complete. Kevin hosted our excursion to the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame and Outdoor World in Hollywood. He also showed us where to fish on our first day in Pompano. Next trip you're fishin! Thanks to Scott, an old high school friend for some of these pictures. It was great to hook up with you and Ron.

Jack Crevalle

Blue Runner

Spotted Pinfish

Blue Runner

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