Coarse Fish Angling
in Essex, England

Everywhere we go we try to take in a little fishing. On this occasion, Jamie, showed us how the English go after coarse fish like carp, rudd or tench. English fisheries are known for their biggest individual fish. Most big ones are given names and are legendary among fishermen. Owners of the many private lakes and gravel ponds know the value of their investments and advertise their biggest fish by name. We caught Gertrude and Floyd! Seriously, most clubs require the use of special protective nets to land the fish and mats to unhook them. Barbless hooks are also the rule. Fish are rarely killed. On our last day we caught several carp around ten pounds but by then we had run out of film. In all we caught three types of carp, common, crusian and koi. We also caught rudd, perch, and tench, a slimey fish that invaded lake Champlain a few years ago when some of them were released into the Richeleau River from a flooded pond in Quebec. That's a tench in the first picture below. There is now a population of tench in northern Lake Champlain.

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