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Fishing Wind River Range, Wyoming

Golden Trout

Wind River Range, Wyoming, USA

This is the setting for the most colorful of all trout, the Golden Trout. Read on about this small but beautiful specie.

"The golden trout is native to the South Fork of the Kern River in California. Golden trout have been introduced to Wyoming primarily in alpine lakes. There are currently over a hundred lakes in Wyoming managed for golden trout. Most of these lakes are in the Wind River Range, but there are also populations in the Absoraka and Bighorn mountains and Snowy Range. The golden trout is a spring spawner. Hybridization with rainbow and cutthroat trout does occur, so management programs are designed to keep these species reproductively isolated whenever possible. Plankton is the principal food of golden trout in high lakes. Fishermen attempting to catch golden trout often leave frustrated due to the golden’s seeming disregard for flies, lures, and bait at certain times. Most successful golden fishermen used small baits, lures, or flies, and a lot of patience. Golden trout in high lakes often feed for only very short periods during the day, so the successful fisherman must spend a lot of time to make sure he’s on the water at the right time. The Wyoming and world record for golden trout is 11.25 pounds, taken from Cook Lake, Sublette County, in 1948. Most golden trout in Wyoming seldom exceed fourteen inches. Goldens are distinguished from cutthroat trout by the absence of basabranchial teeth and white border on the pelvic and anal fins. They are distinguished from rainbow trout by the lack of spotting on the front of the body." Extract in quotes taken from

Wyoming's Wind River Country,

Mule Shoe Outfitters, Golden Trout in Wyoming’s Craggy Wind Rivers, By Steve Cook (Published April, 2002, Utah Outdoors magazine)


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