Jack Attack,
West Palm and
Cocoa Beach, Florida

Many thanks to Kevin and Butch for an outstanding excursion on the West Palm Lagoon. We worked this 40-plus pound Jack Crevalle for an hour and a half on a #8 flyrod with 12lb test line. The Black Tip shark shown below with brother-in-law Ady, was caught by accident on Cocoa Beach. A whiting was caught first and an extra broken line was hooked to the rig with the shark on the other end. The rest of the pictures were taken on Cocoa Beach or in the Port where the deep sea party boat "Obsession II" docks.
Among the fish we caught this year were, Jack Crevalle, Atlantic Sharpnose and Blacktip Shark, Red and Laine Snapper, Whiting, Blue Runner, Bonita, Baracudda, Porgie and Pompano.

Jack Hammer

Heave Ho



Whiting ...hold this pole

Blacktip Shark

A pair of Jacks

Marshall's Jack


Red Snapper

Good eating!

Atlantic Sharpnose Shark

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