Lake Champlain's Most Abundant Warm-Water Sportfish

Largemouth or smallmouth, Champlain is a world-class bass fishery!

Smallmouth Bass Gallery
Loads of beautiful smallies our clients have landed!

Late Fall Bruiser
Lake Champlain is considered by professional bass organizations to be one of the top ten bass fisheries in North America. Bruiser smallmouth bass over six pounds are possible on Lake Champlain. Smallmouth up to four pounds are fairly common and three pounders are abundant. We target smallmouth from mid April through late November. Some of the biggest fish are caught during the coolest weather and we offer special rates during the early spring and late fall to take advantage of the excellent fishing. Experienced hearty anglers will do best during these cool months when finesse fishing is required. Our Captains are expert bass fishermen and we have to pictures to prove it!

Largemouth Bass Gallery
These huge largemouth bass are the norm on our fishing charters!

Largemouth bass fishing on Lake Champlain is best on the extreme northern and southern ends of the lake where shallow weedy habitat is common. There are however some lesser known areas of the lake that hold amazing stocks of beautiful green bass. There are plenty of five and six pound largies in Lake Champlain and three pounders abound. We have landed largemouth bass up to seven pounds on several charters and we expect one of our clients will soon reach the eight pound mark! Captain Mick fishes Florida strain largemouth in the winter as well, so his understanding of applications and techniques for big laregmouth bass is second to none!
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