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WeLcOmE tO mA wOrLd!! :o)

This is my friend on eo...his name is edmloverboy, check him out! ^_^

My mood right now is: The current mood of at I on icq?? Why dun u find out!! *6951045*
Wow, check out this pix!!

*411 On MEEE!


What's yours?




Hmm...I have to ask my parents about dat! :o)


Where and When?


Happily Taken, thanx! :o)


Chinese (from Brunei)




Sex, sex, and more sex! :oř


Snobby girls and immature guys...and u know who y'all are!! >_<

*Favorite Music*

Rave, hip hop, pop...depends.

*Favorite Quote*

Live life to the fullest and NEVER take life for granted!
IgGyBuFf80ThAnX fOr ViSiTiNg!

Still under construction. Come back later. Peace Out!