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Hey Arnold Lyrics

Hey this is My Hey Arnold Lyrics Page enjoy let me know if you wanna donate some Hey Arnold Lyrics by emailing me

Principal Wartz In "I Will Prevail"
Once we were a team we worked side by side
You were my deication and my single source of pride
Then you kicked me on my can tossed my out into the cold
Did you think I would unfold? We`ll I won`t because i`m bold!

I will prevail I will not bail
You may have thrown me out the door but I won`t cry or weep or wail
I`m wutherness or two
I`ll keep on smiling through

And while I`m turning blue I`ll simply send my thanks to you.
I will prevail right through this gail
Right through wind and snow and ice and rain or and in sleet and fog and hail.
I Will Prevail
I will prevail
I Will Prevail!

Wally Loves You sung by Wally and Timberly
Wally loves you all you little boys and girls
Wally Loves you and he loves it when you buy his toys
He loves to see your happy faces so buy his sheets and pillow cases
Buy his ribbons for your hair and buy his fuzzy underwear

Buy A Wally salad spinner eat a Wally Tv dinner
Tell your dad to tell your mom to buy a Wally cd rom
Wally Loves you and he loves it when you buy his toys!!!

Look Up By Grandma and Arnold
Grandma: Look Up
when life gets you down wearin a frown
don't look away look up
cause memories true come out of the blue
don't look away look up
when skys are all gray things gone astray
don't look away look up

Arnold: I had a bad day, nothing went right i hate my dumb life i'm down.

Grandma:when your feelin down with the weather
and the dark clouds are getting to you
make your troubles as light as a feather
and you'll be seeing a bright patch of blue
you gotta look up gotta be strong
gotta take things as they come
cause everything new that happens to you
is better when you
look up!

Haunted Train
they say he lost his mind
went crazy on that day
he drove his train right off the tracks
and took it straight to-hey!
where's the engineer
been waitin all night long
he better show up soon
or i'm have to say so long
whoo whoo!
been waitin for the haunted train