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My Favorite Episodes

These are my favorite Hey Arnold Episodes

  • Helga Blabs it All
    Helga Blabs it All is about when Helga uses laughing gas at the dentist but she went she called arnold and got the answering machine. .She blabbed everthing about her love for arnold when she realized what she was doing she screamed bloody murder!How does Helga get the tape before Arnold finds out? Watch Hey Arnold to find out.

  • The Little Pink Book
    The little Pink Book is about when Helga was walking past Gerald in the bus and accidentally she dropped the book on his pile of books and Gerald and Arnold are trying to find out who wrote the poams.On the last page is Helga`s signature how will she stop them from reading it?Watch Hey Arnold to find out.

  • School Play
    The School Play is when the 4th grade class is doing the play Romeo and Juliet.But none of the boys want to be Romeo because you have to kiss a girl so Mr.Simmons talks Arnold into doing it.When Helga hears this she wants to be Juliet.But she had to talk Rhonda Sheena Phoebe and Lila out off it first. Will Helga be able to do it will she get her first kiss?To find out watch Hey Arnold on Nickelodeon!

  • Eugene`s Bike
    Eugene`s Bike is about when Eugene gets a new bike he puts it with all the other bikes and then arnold puts his books down on one off the bikes cause he has to tie his shoe. But one of the books fall and the bikes go down like Dominos and then Eugenes bike goes flying into the street and then a street sweeper comes b by and Eugenes bike is ruined.How will Arnold make Eugene happy again?To find out watch Hey Arnold on Nickelodeon.

  • What`s Opera Arnold ?
    Whats Opera Arnold is about when the whole class is going on a trip to the opera. The whole class thinks opera stinks.Which explains why Gerald listons to music the whole time.I really enjoyed this episode you probably will enjoy it too. So watch Hey Arnold on Nickelodeon. why? Cause i said so.

  • Helga On the Couch
    Helga on the couch is when a school shrink comes to the school and wants Helga to meet with her on tuesdays and thursdays.Helga doesn`t want to tell her about her feelings for Arnold.Will Helga be able to outwit the school shrink? to find out watch Hey Arnold on Nickelodion

  • Mr Green Runs
    Mr. Green runs is one when....Mr.Green runs for council man.But to win he has to beat Mr.Gladhand.Dun Dun Dun.Which is not going to be that easy espiecially since he uses all thes big fancy words.Will Mr.Green win?What do you think? Do you want to find out all that much?Ha! I`m not going to tell you.You have to watch Hey Arnold to find out On Where? Nickelodion!

  • Egg Story
    Egg story is when Mr.Simmons asighns the class in partners of two to each take care of an egg. Can you guess who Helga gets for a partner? Arnold of course.And Rhonda gets Harold What a mess!Helga tries very hard to be nice to Arnold and it ends up being his fault that she couldn`t help yelling at him. Rhonda and Harold can`t get along either.(I guess I couldn`t get along with Harold either) Will the groups finnaly get along?Will the eggs get lost? Will the eggs get broken?Watch Hey Arnold on Nickelodion to find out!

  • Hey Harold
    Hey Harold is when Rhonda is having a boy-girl party. Harold doesn`t want to go cause he hates girls(so he says)But his parents make him go. Harold makes up his mind that he won`t dance with any girl. But then he meets Patty. they start talking and become great friends finnaly she gets him to dance with her. and he spends the whole next day with her. He invites her to eat lunch with him the next day at school. But then Sid and Stinky teeze Harold! Will Harold stand up for Big Patty? Watch Hey Arnold on Nickelodion to find out.

  • Little Miss Perfect
    Little Miss Perfect is when a new girl (Lila) comes to PS 118 for the first time. Helga and the other girls think that their being generous by teaching Lila the ropes. But Lila really doesn`t need any help. This poor broke farm girl is becoming popular! Then Helga, Rhonda, Phoebe, and some of the other girls get jealous of her. They make up all these evil schemes but every one of them seems to be coming right back at them. Finnaly their successful and Lila ends up with a bunch of meat sauce in her hair, humilation in front of the whole school, and a broken spirit. Then the girls start feeling sorry and they wanna make it up with Lila! Can they help her? To find out watch Hey Arnold on Nickelodeon!

    Hey Thats all for now check back for more!