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This is my page's fanfiction page! If you are interested in having one of your hey arnold stories featured then e-mail me at:

Just Few Rules for those who submit stories:

purtymary got their NeoPet at

My Fanfics

Class Pet
Mystery Trip!!!!!!!
Great Uncle Frank :)
Big Bob and The Boyfriend
Lila!!!!!!!How Could You?
Lila and the movie
Gerald`s Mistake
Phoebe And The New Girl
Helga`s Date
School Hunk
Rhonda and Helga Friends? Or Enemies?

Other Writer`s Fanfics

Helga and the ComputerBy:Nick Masopust
Pokemon? Or Hey Arnold?By:Kidzoo
Arnold`s Secret Admirer
Helga At The Fair By Tanisha
The Test By Tanisha
Lila`s Date by Tanisha