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Stephen Ham

Generation No. 1

STEPHEN1 HAM was born 1765, and died October 1, 1821 in Madison County, KY1,2. He married (1) RHODA COFER/COFFER/COFFEE April 8, 1782 in Culpeper County, VA. He married (2) PEGGY HARVEY3 December 5, 1814 in Madison County ,KY4.

Notes for STEPHEN HAM:

Listed in Culpeper County, VA in 1787 on the Personal Property tax list. He is listed under Fielding Neal as it could indicate Fielding paid the taxes for Stephen since he had already departed Culpeper County.

Stephen served in the Culpepper militia, List 85Cover sheet for List 85

               **Betty Silfies will be sending in a supplement to the DAR for Stephen**
Listed in Bourbon County, KY on tax list for 1791.
Listed in the Bourbon County, KY census for head of household
Listed in Madison Co. Ky in the 1800 Census.
Listed on the 1809 Tax List #1 for Madison County, KY. He had 100 acres on Muddy Creek. Property listed under William Mosley. At this time he had 1 male over 21 and 6 horses.
Not listed in the 1790, 1791, 1792, 1793, 1794, 1795, 1796, 1797 tax lists of Madison County, KY but is listed in the 1799 tax list.
Sold land in 1805 to a Charles Neal
Listed in the 1810 census of Madison County, KY. page 2481 male 0-9; 1 male 10-15; 2 males 16-25; 1 male over 451 female 0-9; 1 female 10-15; 1 female over 45--11201-11002
1820 census of Madison County, KY for Stephen and his 2nd wife Peggy-- 101101-20001
He and Rhoda signed marriage bonds for several daughters.

Stephen Ham, Private, Revolutionary War, from Orange County, VA. Roll of Captain Frances Taylor's Company of the 2nd Virginia Battalion from the 28th of January 1777 to 28th February 1777. (Volume V1, Virginia History Magazine, page 177).  (Betty Silfies and I aren't sure as this  could either be our Stephen or the Stephen  in Amherst Co.) 

Up to 1734-5, St. Mark's Parish was in Spotsylvania. At that date Spotsylvania was divided by the line between St. George's and St. Mark's Parishes. Spotsylvania was limited to St. George's Parish. All above that line, bounded southerly by old Hanover county, and to the north by the Lord Fairfax grant (the Rappahannock river), and westerly by the utmost limits of Virginia, was made the county of Orange.

The Register of St. Mark's Parish is the oldest manuscript record in the county of Culpeper. The parish is older than the county by eighteen years, the parish having been established by Act of Assembly in 1730, and the county in 1748. It is curious to note the progress of population, and parishes and counties, from their original seats on tidewater towards the mountains. The people went before, the parishes followed after, and the counties completed the organization, according to the uniform policy of the British Government to keep the Church and State in union. Stephen married Rhoda according to the St. Mark church records.

October 1st, 1821 (Court) Kentucky State Archives

Estate Inventory of October 20, 1821 listed in the Will Book C Madison, KY

Stephen Ham, Madison County 1821. Info is from Order Book E, page 164.

On motion of Peggy Ham widow and relict of Stephen Ham together with David Gentry letters of administration are granted them on the Estate of said dec.d. Whereupon they took the necessary oath and entered into and acknowledged Bond in the penalty of $600 with Pleasant Gentry their security, conditioned as the law directs. And it is further ordered that Nicholas Hocker, Robert Ham, Adam Rand Joseph Barnett who or any three of them who being first sworn do inventory and appraise said dec'd. Estate and make report to this Court.

And it is further ordered that the same commissioners after being first sworn do allot to said Peggy Ham her dower in said dec'd. Real Estate and make report to this court.



David Gentry and Peggy Ham were in Court Oct. 1, 1821 with letter of Administration as Executors of the Estate of  Stephen Ham in Madison Co., KY; Kentucky State Archives, Frankfort, KY

Court November 6, 1821; Page 174

On settlement of Dower to Peggy Ham widow of Stephen Ham deceased was returned and ordered to be recorded.

Page 183

Ordered that Peggy Hamm be and she is hereby appointed Guardian to Mourning Hamm orphan of Stephen Hamm dec'd. (she being under the age of 14 years). Whereupon the said Peggy Hamm entered into and acknowledged Bond in the penalty of $300 with Joshua Quinn her security conditioned as the law directs.

Court December 3rd, 1821 Page 184

Ordered that Peggy Hamm be and she is hereby appointed Guardian to Drucilla Hamm orphan of Stephen Hamm dec'd (she being under the age of 14 years). Whereupon the said Peggy Hamm entered into and acknowledged Bond in the penalty of $300 with Joshua Quinn her security conditioned as the law directs.

Page 260

Stephen Ham orphan of Stephen Ham deceased came personally into court and made choice of Nicholas Hocker as his guardian he being over the age of 14 years. Whereupon the said Hocker entered into and acknowledged Bond in the penalty of $150 with John (Newland?) his security conditioned as the law directs.

Notice in that Oct 1st court doc. Pleasant GENTRY, ROBERT HAM and Joseph Barnett. Quinn and Hocker.


Marriage Notes for STEPHEN HAM and PEGGY HARVEY:

Early Marriage Records of Madison County, KY compiled by the late Judge W. Rodes, Shackelford, Richmond, Ky.



1.  JOEL HAM9, d. close to 1814 (don't know for sure if he is the first son. All information from Betty Silfies on Joel)

     He signed bonds for two of his sisters.  Jabez bought things when he died. 9  

Marriage Bonds:  Joel Ham to Betsy Crooke 18 JUL 1811 BONDSMAN Jabez Crooke. 

Madison Co KY Will Book B 1814-1819 Reel 76 - 19 KHS
Ham Joel Sale Bill p 9 
Joel Inty p33


2.    MOLLY HAM, b. Abt. 1782, Culpeper, VA; m. (JULIUS) JOHN ARMSTRONG

Marriage Notes for MOLLY HAM and (JULIUS) ARMSTRONG:

Bondsman was Barnet Owens. Consent given by Rhoda and Stephen Ham


3.  JOHN COFER HAM, b. Abt. 1786, Madison County, KY; d. 1869, Illinois; m. (1) BETSY BARNETT, December 26, 1805, Madison County ,KY; m. (2) ELIZABETH H. THOMAS, August 22, 1813, Madison County ,KY5.


4.   LYDIA HAM, b. Abt. 1790, Madison County, KY; m. THOMAS HAMILTON, October 27, 1808 Madison County, KY.


5.   TABITHA HAM, b. Abt. 1792, Madison County, KY; m. PATRICK HAMILTON, August 17, 1809, Madison County ,KY.


Joel Ham was Bondsman and Stephen and Rhoda Ham gave Consent. Bond Date was August 14, 1809 and returned on August 17, 1809.


6.     JABEZ HAM, b. August 3, 1796, Madison County, KY; d. December 12, 1842, Callaway County, MO;    m. HANNAH TODD, January 13, 1814,  Madison County, KY6,7.


7.    JAILY HAM, b. 1-17-1799, Estill County, KY,  d. 5-4-1878, ; d. m. DAVID GENTRY III, May 12, 1818, Boonesville, Madison County ,KY.


8.   REV. STEPHEN D. HAM, b. Abt. 1805, Madison County, KY; d. March 30, 1879, Montgomery County, MO; m. JANE JOHNSON, October 19, 1824, Madison County ,KY8.


Children of STEPHEN HAM and PEGGY HARVEY are:






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9.  Information from Betty Silfies. She submitted the info  on Joel Ham

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