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Rev Stephen Ham



Generation No. 2

REV. STEPHEN D.2 HAM (STEPHEN1) was born Abt. 1805 in Madison County, KY, and died March 30, 1879 in Montgomery County, MO. He married JANE JOHNSON October 19, 1824 in Madison County ,KY1.

Notes for REV. STEPHEN D. HAM:

He and Jane came to Missouri and settled in Montgomery County in the southwest part of Danville on Loutre Creek near where Prairie Fork enters Loutre Creek. After Jane died, Stephen Jr retired and moved to Montgomery City in Montgomery County, Missouri. He was a minister in the Primitive Baptist Church for 30 years. He was a farmer until 1875.
Occupation: Minister


The Rev. Stephen Ham, a privitive Baptist Minister, with his wife, Mrs. Jan (Johnson) Ham migrated from Madison Co. Ky. abut 1825 and settled on a farm near Danville, on Prairie Fork, in Montgomery Co. MO. The had a family of eight children: John W. Ham- Hardin J. Ham- Sephen D. Ham- Susanna Ham- Mrs John Oliver (All of whom were still living in 1882) Wm. C. Ham died in 1864, age 39 years- James C. Ham died age 15 - Mary J. Ham became the wife of Nathaniel Christian and died in 1868.

Archives in Frankfort a copy of the Court Order. In Book E. Steven Jr. is petitioning the

Court to change his Guardian to Nicholas Hocker. Hocker agrees.


From the History of Montgomery Co. MO Pages 868-869

Rev. Stephen Ham

Rev. Stephen Ham and wife (the mother having been a Miss Jane Johnson before her Marriage), were residents of this county for over half a century, and until their deaths and burials within its borders; and throughout their long residence here their lives were linked and associated only with good works. They were from Madison Co. Ky., --typical, hospitable, generous-hearted Kentuckians--and they settled in the south-western part of the county near Danville, on Prairie fork. They resided there on their farm where he was a farmer as well as a Methodist minister for several years, or until 1875, when he quit the farm (after his wife's death), and came to Montgomery City, where several of the children lived: and having accumulated a neat competence by industry and economical, frugal living, he could well afford to retire with comfort, and without inconvenience. Mrs. Ham died September 30, 1875: he March 30, 1879, both at ripe and honored old ages. He was minister of the Primitive Baptist Church--had been in the service of his church, as his fellow creatures, his Maker, for over 30 years---preaching to those whose welfare here and hereafter were dearer to him than life itself, the faith of the Redeemer, the abiding, enduring hope of heaven. When Rev. Stephen Ham died , a good man passed away from the councils of men, and so long as such men are sent among us to labor for the good, to spend their lives in the service of God and humanity, we may feel assured that there is something Beyond greater and better and more enduring than this world afford to live for, strive for, die for. Rev Stephen Ham and his good wife were blessed with a family of eight children, of whom five are living; John W., Hardin J., Stephen D. and Susana--Mrs. John W. Oliver. Of the others William C. died in 1864, at the age of 39,; James C. died at the age of 15, and Mary J., who became the wife of Nathaniel Christion, died in 1868.

Children of REV. HAM and JANE JOHNSON are:

1.  WILLIAM COLEMAN3 HAM, b. August 15, 1825, Madison County, KY; d. October 15, 1864, Montgomery County, MO2; m. RACHEL ELLEN PEVLER.

2.  JOHN W. HAM, b. January 22, 1828, Kentucky; d. December 11, 1909, Montgomery County, MO; m. MARTHA AGNES BRAUN, Cuivre Church, Audrain County, MO.

3.  JAMES C. HAM, b. 1830, Montgomery County , MO; d. 1845, Montgomery County , MO.

4.   HARDIN J. HAM, b. August 20, 1833; d. August 31, 1900, Callaway County, MO; m. MARY L..

5.  MARY JANE HAM, b. October 25, 1836, Montgomery County, MO; d. May 2, 1868, Montgomery County, MO; m. NATHANIEL CHRISTIAN, October 23, 1853, Montgomery County, MO. 

6.  SUSANNAH HAM, b. December 23, 1837, Montgomery County, MO; d. May 24, 1900, Montgomery County, MO.  Burial: Montgomery Family Cemetery, MO

7.  ARTHUSIA ANN HAM, b. September 8, 1839, Montgomery County, MO; d. 1920, Montgomery County, MO; m. JOHN W. OLIVER.  Burial: Montgomery Family Cemetery, Montgomery, MO

8.   STEPHEN D. HAM, b. March 4, 1842, Montgomery County, MO; d. January 27, 1904, Montgomery County, MO; m. ELLEN O. JONES, October 12, 1875, Montgomery County, MO.




1. Marriage Book, Madison County, KY.

2. New Providence Cemetery, Montgomery County, Missouri.