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Generation No. 3

MALATIAH3 MARTIN (JOHN2 MARTYN/MARTIN, EDWARD1 MARTYN) was born August 31, 1673 in Swansea, MA1, and died January 30, 1761 in Swansea, MA1. He married (1) REBECKAH BROOKS November 6, 1696 in Swansea, MA1. He married (2) JEMIMA WRIGHT April 11, 1744 in Swansea, MA.


Malatiah was also known as Deacon Malatiah Martin.
He left a staff and bible that John Martin brought with him from England with his wife which should have gone to Elder Daniel Martin but he was sick so it was handed to Elder Charles Holden who had married Elder Mannasah's widow Hannah Carpenter.
This staff and bible was to always be handed down from 1st son to 1st son per John Martin's wishes.
He was a farmer and lived on a farm which remained in the family until the death of his great grandson, Jonathan Martin, when it was sold.
Ordained deacon of the Second baptist Church in Swansea, October 19, 1715.
His death was sudden as he went to the well for a pail of water and was found lying dead by the well 5
Buried in the Martin Burying Ground, Swansea, MA. The Martin Burying Ground, Swansea is an old family burying ground near the Rehoboth line at the end of Plain Street, Rehoboth.


1.  KEZIAH4 MARTIN2, b. September 9, 1697, Rehoboth, MA; m. WILLIAM WOOD, February 18, 1716, Rehoboth, MA3.

2.   ANN MARTIN, b. November 9, 1699, Rehoboth, MA4; d. August 16, 1727, Rehoboth, MA4; m. JOSEPH BOWEN, November 23, 1721, Rehoboth, MA4.

3.   DANIEL MARTIN, b. September 23, 1702, Swansea, MA; d. November 18, 1781, Swansea, MA; m. TABITHA LEWIS.

4.   NATHAN MARTIN, b. September 5, 1704.

5.   MALATIAH MARTIN, b. October 30, 1706; d. 1752, Swansea, MA; m. (1) ABIGAIL SANFORD; m. (2) PATIENCE EDDY, December 24, 1739, Swansea, MA.

6.   REBECKA MARTIN, b. February 19, 1708; m. HEZEKIAH MASON.

7.   TIMOTHY MARTIN, b. September 12, 1711; m. JERUSHA GANSEY, March 28, 1734, Swansea, MA.

8.   PATIENCE MARTIN, b. 1719, Swansea, MA; d. August 12, 1770, Swansea, MA; m. MIEL PEIRCE, November 6, 1740, Swansea, MA.


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