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Generation No. 2

JABEZ2 HAM (STEPHEN1) was born August 3, 1796 in Madison County, KY, and died December 12, 1842 in Callaway County, MO. He married HANNAH TODD January 13, 1814 in Madison County, KY1,2, daughter of PETER TODD and HANNAH CORNELISON.

Marriage Notes for JABEZ HAM and HANNAH TODD:

Bondsman was Thomas Lamb. Bond date was January 12, 1814. Consent given by Peter Todd and Stephen Ham. Bond returned on January 13, 1814

Notes for JABEZ HAM:

Burial: New Providence Church in Montgomery County, MO. Jabez's Tombstone
Occupation: Preacher

             Jabez Ham and Hannah Todd filed a marriage bond in Madison County, KY  on

             January 12, 1814


             Microfilm 183307 page 113 (Kentucky State Archives, Frankfort, KY) Spelling as


            "Jabez Ham and Hannah Todd was join together in the holly state of matrimony 

           the 13th day of January 1814 married by Joseph Ellison" 

Jabez was a soldier in the War of 1812 for 120 from February 1, 1815. His wife later applied for a pension after his death. "Pension records film No 9840470 FHL US/CAN.


             Under Ham in the War of 1812 Pensioners Index Book page 908

             Jabez, Hannah (Todd) WC-2162 m 13 Jan 1814 Madison Cty KY, sd 12 Dec 1842

          Callaway Cty, MO, wd about 1880, srv Capt James Sympson's CO KY Mil

           as a Trumpeter; wid lived Callaway Cty MO 1850-5 & Pike Cty IL 1871


On September 30, 1829, The Missouri Intelligencer, a newspaper based at Franklin, in Howard County, MO published a list of letters at the post office there. Jabez Ham's name was among those who had not picked up his mail.

Tax Lists show Jabez in St. Charles Co. Mo. 1817 as well as John C.

In 1823, Jabez Ham's name appears in the Callaway County financial statement, where he received payment as a road overseer.

1819-1825 Montgomery Co.Territory of Missouri Property tax: HAM Jabez & John C.

In the "Early Missouri Ancestors, Volume II from Newspapers 1823-1832":


              Jabez Ham paid a $5 fine in the Callaway County Circuit Court on January 14,




          Jabez was a Baptist Minister, while his brother John was a Methodist Minister.


Taken from the Montgomery County History

"He had no education, was of a roving disposition, and did nothing for several years but hunt and fish. His mind was naturally bright, and if he had been educated he would have made a remarkable man. REV. ALEY SNETHEN, and LEWIS JONES taught him the alphabet and learned him to read, and in 1824 he began to preach, having united with the Old of Hard Shell Baptist Church. In 1826 he organized a church of that denomination on Loutre Creek, and called it New Providence. For some time after he began to preach he always carried his gun with him when he went to church, both on week days and Sundays, and often killed deer on his way to and from his preaching places. He also manufactured powder, which he had a ready sale for at high prices; and by this means and from the proceeds of his rifle he made a living and did well. He was a large, stout man, and often added emphasis to his opinions by the use of his fists. On a certain occasion he forgot the text that he had intended to preach from and when he arose in the pulpit he announced the fact by saying to the congregation that he had a text when he left home, but had lost it, and he had looked for it, and Hannah (his wife) had looked for it, but they could not find it; but to the best of his belief it was "somewhere in the hind end of Job or thereabouts, and it went about this way--- "Do any of you all know the good old woman they call Mary, or Sal or Tarkus, who said you must not put new wine in old bottles for the bottles will bust and the good stuff will all be spilled'." Mr. Ham often compared his sermons to an old shotgun loaded with beans, which, when it went off, was almost sure to hit somebody or somewhere. He died in Callaway Co. in 1842, and was buried at New Providence Church, in Montgomery co. His wife was HANNAH TODD, of KY., and they had 14 children."

From the Providence Church records:

Ham, Jabez, born Aug. 3, 1796 in Madison Co., Ky, and died in Callaway Co., Mo, Dec. 12, 1842, the son of Stephen Ham [Note: His wife was Hannah Todd and they had 14 children. He came to Missouri in 1817 and in 1826 organized the New Providence Church. Jabez Ham had no education and the Rev. Aley Snethen and Lewis Jones "learned" him to read.]

There are a few Ham references in the Freedom Church minutes. Jane Ham was on the first membership list, she was the wife of Stephen 1799-1879. In July 1824, the minutes say, "Brother Elston appointed to go to the Church of Salem in order to inquire concerning the License of Brethren Jabez Ham and Alia B. Snethen." In April 1826, Brother Jabez Ham & Sister Hannah Ham obtained letters of dismission. Sister Church New Providence is mentioned in August 1831. Jabez signed as moderator in 1841 (March 27) & 1842 (April 22), Stephen Ham was moderator in Oct. & Nov. 1842.

Located on Loutre Creek at the site of the former New Providence Baptist Church 1826-1906 (historical church). Section 5, Township 48 North, Range 6 West. Ten acres of land were set aside by Jabez Peveler for a church site. On January 4, 1825, Alexander Snethen and Jabez Ham were ordained Ministers by Revs. William Coats and Absalom Bainbridge. During the first four years of the existence of this church the collections for all purposes amounted to $1.75.

Ann and Emanuel Sailor, William and Elizabeth Jones, Maggie Cobb, and Sibby Peveler were all charter members of New Providence Church with Jabez and Hannah Ham being among the organizers in 1826.

New Providence Baptist Church (historical) Church

County: Montgomery State: MO History: This church was in SW Montgomery Twp and was organized by Jabez Ham in 1826. By 1933 it was defunct except for use for funerals. The New Providence Church was destroyed by a tornado about 1937, but the cornerstone can be seen there today on a fence in the graveyard where many Hams are buried, including Jabez.

1830 Montgomery Co. MO census page 213

HAM Jabez 112001 - 101001

HAM Stephen 21001 - 00001


He is listed in the 1840 Callaway County, MO Census

pg. 39 Nine-Mile Twp.220

HAM Jabes 2-1-2-2-0-0-1 0-1-1-0-0-0-1

This translates into: (the names weren't there, I put them in)

In 1840, he had 2 sons (Samuel & Stephen) under age 5, 1 son age 5-10 (James), 2 sons ages 10-15 (William & an unknown), 2 sons ages 15-20 (John & George) and then himself age 40-50.

In 1840, he also had 1 Daughter age 5-10 (Lucy), 1 daughter 10-15 (Sarah) and then his wife age 40-50.

Jabez entered 80 acres of land from the U.S. grant on Loutre Creek in Callaway County on March 21, 1836 for land located in Section 36, Township 49, Range 7 and 80 acres of land located in Section 25 of the same township and range in Callaway County on January 18, 1839. He owned more than 360 acres when he died. Deed records of Callaway County reveal Jabez's heirs sold their land in October of 1857 to Reason P. Harrison.

Jabez gave John C. his POWER OF ATTORNEY to act in his behalf to receive any inheritance from Stephen after Stephens death.

Microfilm #;7000907 Page 317

Know all men by these presents that I Jabez Ham of the County of St Charles and State of Missouri have made nominated and appointed and by these presents do make nominate and appoint John C. Ham of the County and State aforesaid my true and lawful attorney for me and in my name and for my use and benefit to ask demand sue for recover and receive all such sum or sums of money debts or demands whatsoever which are or may become due to me in the State of Kentucky and also I do hereby invest him with full power to transact all and singular my sole and entire agent to act in my name as fully as if I were present myself to adjust and settle and sell and dispose of to give receipts and discharge in and for me and my behalf.

In Testimony whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal at St Charles this twenty eighth day of November one thousand eight hundred and twenty two.

his mark

Jabez + Ham

in Presence of

Charles Peck bank of


Some of the above information came from A hist. Of the pioneer fams. Of Mo. By Will. S. Bryan et al. St. Louis, Mo. 1876. (Xvii,569p.):237, 265, 266, 295, 505

Original Deed on land for service in war SE Quarter,township 49 north,range 7 west of the 5th P.M.-Now owned by Vernon Ham in Montgomery co.,MO....

Probate 113-14 Calloway co.,MD-Entered Feb 20 1842.Executor.,son George Ham!

Tidbits that were found in the Montgomery County Pioneer book:

Thomas Triplett - It was at his house that Macedonia church was organized by JABEZ

HAM,, in 1831.


Jones, Richard - He afterward died on consumption, and the day before his death he was taken to the creek, on his bed, placed in a rocking chair, and baptized, chair and all, by JABEZ HAM.


Harper, Capt. John - Soon after his arrival in Montgomery, he went over to Callaway Co., one day, to get a load of corn, and wore his usual everyday clothes, made of home-spun cloth. On his way back, the road led him by a house where JABE HAM was preaching, and he stopped to hear the sermon. During the services, the minister called on the congregation to kneel in prayer, and all knelt except Mr. Harper, who leaned his head upon his hand and remained in that position. Ham noticed him, and prayed that the Lord would bless "that Virginia man, who had on store clothes, and was afraid or too proud to get down on his knees".

Notes for HANNAH TODD:

Her name and date is scratched on a stone in the cemetery.

1850 Census of Callaway County, Missouri


Hannah Ham 51 born in KY

Wm. C. Ham 23 born in MO

Lucy C. Ham 18 born in MO

James D. Ham 16 born in MO

Stephen P. Ham 14 born in MO

Samuel G. Ham 12 born in MO

Martin V. Ham born in MO

1860 census of St. Clair County, MO


Stephen 23

Easton 21

Hannah 62 KY

Martin 19 MO

Hannah and son Martin were living with her son Stephen. in 1860

1870 census of Pike County, Illinois



She was living with Joel Campbell Ham her son

Children of JABEZ HAM and HANNAH TODD are:

1. RHODA HAM , b. March 5, 1815, Madison County, KY; d. February 17, 1879, Woody, IL.

2.  JOEL CAMPBELL HAM, b. November 23, 1818, Montgomery County, MO; d. April 22, 1887, Pettis County, MO.

GEORGE K. HAM, b. 1820, Missouri; d. March 1860, St. Clair County, MO.

4. DR. JOHN D. HAM, b. September 8, 1825, Montgomery County, Missouri; d. May 3, 1903, Poplar Bluff, Butler County, MO.

5. DAVID HAM, b. Bet. 1825 - 1830; d. Bet. 1840 - 1842. 

If David Ham existed, he must be the male between 10-15 years of age listed in the 1840 census. However, he must have died between 1840-1842 as he is not listed in the probate of Jabez. (Debbie Bergman of MO found him listed in David Ham's (the son of William Ham) family bible. 


6. WILLIAM C. HAM, b. 1827, Montgomery County, MO; d. March 6, 1882, Poplar Bluff, Butler County, MO.


7. SARAH JANE HAM, b. 1828, Montgomery County, MO; d. 1880, Denton County, TX.

8. LUCY CAROLINE HAM, b. 1832, Callaway County, MO.

9.  JAMES D. HAM, b. 1834, Callaway County, MO; d. September 29, 1893, Poplar Bluff, MO.

10. STEPHEN PETER HAM, b. July 1836, Callaway County, MO; d. March 7, 1908, Poplar Bluff, MO.

11. SAMUEL GRIFFIN HAM, b. 1838, Callaway County, MO; d. June 23, 1893, Poplar Bluff, MO.

12. MARTIN VAN BUREN HAM, b. September 19, 1840, Callaway County, MO; d. March 15, 1903, Bourbon County, Kansas.

PENSION RECORD               Hamtown Cemetery Records



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