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Why should we support Fascism?
We should support Fascism because our world is spiraling into a economic empire led by media and corporate gaints. We need a strong leader to take control of these corporate empires, Bring strong nationalism to this country, increase our military and technological might. We need someone to end our national debt, make us totaly self suffeicient. If we are self sufficient the trade giants of the word will decrease in power leaving us as the worlds saviour and gives America the ability to create the World Empire it deserves. We need a leader to bring our country together by any means neccisary, of coarse the recent 9-11 tradgedy brought nationalism to our country but for how long we are slowly forgeting about how great our nation is. This is the time to act and the time to mobilize our forces.

Goals of a Fascist America
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Join the Internationl Fascist Organization!! Goto the International Fascist Org. section of this website, and sign up for membership into the org.

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