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(Europe in the twentieth Century 3rd Edition
Roland N. Stromberg)
Between 1919 and 1924 Italy gave bith to a new political phenomenon, Fascism and extremism of the right that arose in response to disorders on the left.
The year 1919 was as wild in Italy as in any country in Europe. Her citizens never as firmly united in support of the first great war. Italy was split even by the decision to fight, and at the peace conferance Italians believed they were treated with contempt. The Russian Revolution aroused great excitement in italy, there were socialist riots and strikes across Italy. Threats of Lenin type revolution brought strong reaction in Italy. However in march, the prowar ex-socialist Benito Mussolini organized the Fasci di Combattimento, ("Combat Groups") to fight the submersive elements. Orlando's government fell on june 14, a victim of the "muyilated peace" his succesor Fransesco Nitti, soon found himself attacked by the left and right. He called for a new election in September, soon after the celebrated author and war hero Gabriele D'Annunzio marched at the head of a small private army into Fiume, the city on the Adriatic that was a symbol of frustrated Italian war demands. The government didnot dare dislodge D'Annunzio.
To confuse the political scene furhter, a new popular Catholic Party rose,Left, Right, and center were all divided within themselves. The results of the November election showed PSI, the Italian Socialist Party, winnning.
The strongest political leader at this time was a socialist, editer of the socialist Newspaper, "Avanti" Benito Mussolini. Mussolini change from Socialism to the right was mainly entrance into the war and italian gains. A man with intellectual interests, Mussolini helped provide Fascism with an ideology. The Fascist ideology was constructed of various fashinable pre-1914 ideas borrowed from Friedrich Nietzsche, georges Sorel, Henri Bergsonand others. IN 1921 Mussolini and his black shirts rose like a comet, Pope Pius XI called him "A man sent by God" The King of italy as well converted to fascism.

During WW2 Fascism
During World War 2 Italian Fascism was thriving, in 1939 Mussolini developed the largest military in the world. Tactical failures an poor military moes by Italian generals, left Italy with minimal gains before the invasion of Sicily. Italian fascism grew stronger throughout the war though, Italians from around the world flocked to Italy to live under the leadership of il Duce, From 1939-1945 Italy was one of strongest countries inthe world, i believe Mussolini mistake laid with the alliegence to Hitler and the Nazis. Everything was going great within Italy had they not sided with this power hungry racist Nation. Hitler was a genius but in my eyes and many others ruined Italy's chances to thrive under Fascism.

Italian Fascism affect after WW2
Even now there are many around the world who follow Fascism and study it. Philosophers are begining a great deal of research into Fascism. after WW2 to this date there have been 2 deaths caused by Fascism, there have been 100,000, by Sicialism and i bet you there were alot more by Democracy. Fascist ideas are used all over world in diffrent leaderships. Not directly called Fascism or directly givin credit to fascism, but the ideas still flow around. Many people believe and understand what Fascism is, others were taught it was wrong and school and live life not caring. These people are doing just what democracy wants us to do, believe every word they tell you. There are still strong Fascist views in world and in the future if people opened there eyes to new views they too will see the light of Fascism.

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