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Futuro House - Home of the Future

A little hide-a-way in Nevlunghavn, Norway

Map to Nevlunghavn
     Would like to thank T.A. Nyquist for the following information and pictures..

"You can look at the pictures in order of appearance (sorted by
filename), so you can see how to get there. Regarding instructions on
how to get there, is in the pictures. If you come from, say E18 (the
largest road in Vestfold county), get off the road to Larvik, then
follow signs to Helgeroa/Nevlunghavn. Then follow my pictures.
Nevlunghavn and Helgeroa is on the same road, Brunlanesveien, except
Nevlunghavn is just further away from Larvik.

2581 - A sign to show that you're entering Nevlunghavn.
2582 - Take to the right to "Oddane sand" and Gurvika.
2583 - At the same place as the sign, there is a bakery (worth a visit
(; ). 2584 - Just after your first right turn (about 15 meters), do
another one to the right, following the signs to the library
("Bibliotek"). 2585 - Follow the road... 2586 - In the end of the road,
take to the right to a bumpy road. 2587 - Same as 2586. 2588 - The road
is really bumpy! Not for low cars. 2590 - After about 50 meters, you can
see the cabin through some trees. Park at the concrete to the left. 2591
- Walk up the road to the cabin. 2591, 2592, 2593, 2594, 2597 - Pictures
of the cabin. 2596 - I put a bottle of beer (0,33 l) on the concrete in
front of the cabin, it is to show you the size. It is about 4-5 meters
high on the top.

It is a personal cabin for some folks. Really, it's not much more to see
than the pictures I've sent you, but it is in fact something worth
seeing I believe (: The place Nevlunghavn is a small town just outside
Larvik (15-20 minutes drive). It's a real summer pearl and seriously
worth the trip! (: "

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