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Rob         Drums
Gav         Vocals,Guitar
Andy        Vocals,Guitar
Jeff        Bass 


We have geographical confusion! Our loverly rhythm section dwell down in London,while the vocals and guitar chaps live in the N.Yorkshire area.Later this year will see F.U.B.A.R. residing in York as a fully fledged unit.

We formed in 2000,in October.Three of us are at the same university.Jeff knew Andy,and thus he was brought in on bass.Initial jams sparked huge vibes and caused much anticipation of things to come!

All Things Music:

Our respective influences are varied.We play a mixture of covers and our own work.Styles thrown together stem from a well grounded base of artists,genres and musical approaches.From Foo Fighters to Muse,Radiohead to Ben Harper,Jeff Buckley to Jimi Hendrix,Pearl Jam to the Chili's.Gomez,Neil Young,Mogwai etc..Much of these artists are covered when we play live, and their essence is well ingrained into the writing of our own music. F.U.B.A.R. is about playing good shit,and exploring music as much as we can-sounds trite,but why else would we be doing this??

The Shaolin Funks

We have probably confused those of you we know! This band has always been a bit of a thrown together affair-in that we only ever have a small time factor each time we have worked together.Rehearsals have only occured thus far before a gig,which doesn't allow for much time to concentrate on anything other than a setlist.So during these rehearsals we work hard to fit in time for song writing and arranging. These kind of time constraints warrant fast decision making,and one of our favourite casualties of this was our 'temporary' band name that we thought up before our second gig together.It started as a joke,then spiralled out of control,becoming our stead-fast band name by which we were recognised.I mean,"The Shaolin Funks"?? It wasn't that serious.Although we grew to like the name,the time came to think up a new one.F.U.B.A.R. kind of sums up our personalities-certainly at the time of the name's conception-a high tension rehearsal before the UCRYSJ Ball!