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A poem my friend, Eunice, 
wrote for the six of us.

Too much to handle
Everyone adores her
Over the rainbow
Somewhere out there
Each on its own
Kel simply LOVES her
Yucks! This sucks
Individualism’s her character
Nothing will stop her fm tokin too loudly

Helpless as she can be
Unique in her own character
Always enjoy her company
Naughty as a ducky
Gone in a strong wind
Quiet at times
Introvert in many areas
Aggressive is jus not her
Rich in her own way
Oways eating vegetables
No meat for her
Generally she’s a beautiful gal  

Towering over many others
Eager to express her thoughts
Overpowered by her voice
Enchantment is never away fm her
Investing a lot in relations
Love nvr forsake her 
Ioner she will nvr be
Never-ending friendship will stay with her

Wow! is the first impression
Obligations overwhelm her
Never will we forsake her
Goodness will be rewarded
Powerful in her voice
Oways willing to share
Helpful to others
Lovely gal she will be
Understanding is she
Always placing others before herself
Nothing will be taken fm her  

Ice-cream seems to be her favourite
Sociable is her name

Anointed as the most respectable person
Believe it or not is up to u
Equipped with all the necessary knowledge
Listener is her style
Young at heart is she
Egoistic is jus not her
Obsessed with neopets

Still can't figure out?? Its OUR names.. haha Thanks Eunice!!



This page is specially dedicated to my friends, be it close or not, I just want them to know that at least they do leave certain memories in my heart....Some of them are really my lifetime friends, or so I hope.
~Keep the flame of friendship remains, burning and never let it die. It brings happiness that money cannot buy~

When Troubles seems to pile,
ver the wilds,
otice your warm hands,
iving me a land.
ossess by the sweetness,
pened by your kindness,
aving the best thing,
ord had been giving.
rging me to move on,
ttacked by the thorns,
evertheless, we had the bond.

ime seems to fly,
veryday seems so nice,
ver the obstacles
eeing the magicals.
motions turned into tears,
eeping the fears.
earning for a person,
n which can listen.
othing is impossible,

oping for a miracle.
pon the hills,
nd the trails,
ote down the way,
reat friends at the end of the day.
uietness might be seen,
n a form of string.
ble to hold on tight,
ever let go of the light.
eality is cruel,
nly a desire,
ever forgotten,
ift given.

Hee...the next thing must be wondering where are my friend's names?hmmmm....Scroll up again and take a look at every first letter of the poem...heezz...notice anything?..ya... I've made a poem using my the names of my friends....3 of my closest friends ^_^ Well, hope that our friendship will last...



From Hanz... Thank you so much!!!!!! ^_^

“I knew right from the start that she is no ordinary girl…”

Sounds familiar to you? Indeed, I have got friends who really stand out among the crowd. There is this special gift that God gave them when they were born into this world. Gifts that help them tremendously in various aspects of life.

Here is a friend, whom I really admire and respect. She has this special gift, which she uses it with all her heart and soul. Once she uses this gift, people around her will be drawn closer. Closer to her heart, and closer to her soul… And the gift that she has, is a powerful voice. A voice that rings and captures the attention of many.

I have personally seen EteL perform “live” in my first year in the polytechnic. I remember she was singing “Perfect Lover” during the preliminary round and eventually the grand finals of the BA Talentime. If you were there, I guarantee, you will be HOOKED to her powerful vocal cords. Having joined a choir before, and often practicing her singing skills at home, EteL has developed a stable, well-controlled balance in her singing. When the song is of a high octave, you get a high octave, and vice versa. EteL hardly misses a note, and everyone of us can feel the passion and love she has for singing. Her voice leaves a very good impression inside my ears, and ever since I witnessed her truly great performance, I have been wanting to see (hear) more of EteL's powerful voice.

EteL loves Coco Lee, and in fact “Perfect Lover” is a Coco Lee’s song. When EteL performed this song, it was like, the love she has for Coco plus the passion she has for singing are perfectly wrapped up like a gift, and the gift blasted open right after the first few seconds, surprising the audience and leading to a long (really long) stretch of applause, cheer and shouts of moral support. “wo men yong yuan zhi chi ni…” (We will always support you). EteL’s voice is pro, her performance is pro, her efforts were definitely not wasted during the 4 minutes or so performance. I remember myself shouting “Idol! Idol!” to her after she almost completed her singing. The judges and all of us definitely feel that she is a great performer to have. EteL eventually won.

I went to EteL’s house before for a karaoke session with a few other classmates. And you know, I am always very eager to listen to EteL sing, because she doesn’t sound like an amateur, but like a professional tian hou (Queen). If she is a commercial singer, I guarantee you, her powerful gift will put some singers down in shame. This also tells us one thing – looks don’t mean anything, but talent sure means everything! EteL, ganbatte ne! Hope we can see you perform again sometime! I will be your faithful supporter!

~ Written by: Hanz ~ P/S: I am so honored to be able to contribute something that is of personal value to you. Glad to know you as a friend and counsellor. Let’s work hard for our goals!! Ganbatte ne!


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