Photos of Village Life in Ribeira Principal

sifting sand
All rural women spend the dry season (January - June) sifting sand from the riverbed in order to sell for money. Sand is needed to make cement, and now that construction of new houses is a big industry, women have lots of work! With our recent drought in November and December 2002, women had no work in the fields and were forced to begin sifting sand months earlier than expected.

sifting sand
This is my neighbor Silvina (15) and her cousin sifting sand in front of my house (in background). One heaping pile of sand, like the one behind them, usually sells for around $10. U.S.

sifting sand
Silvina, her baby brother Nelson (18 months) with cousin posed on sand hill alongside other young neighbors.

after school
This is my neighbor Natalia next to her 10 year old son, who is about to go get water at the well with the donkey. She never completed primary school, so she is now taking advantage of an adult education program at the community center where she can earn her primary school diploma.

My neighbors wash their clothes in the river bed when there is rain. The gold jewelry is their life savings. No money is ever kept in the bank.

Hiking to the top of the second highest mountain on my island, which towers above my valley. After 4 hours up, I am obviously sweaty.

moonshine liquor
One of the town's resident single mothers making the moonshine liquor, called 'grog,' at the distillery.

Another of my favorite photos of my neighboring kids at my front door.

After playing a game of run-with-the-rock-on-your-head-relay-races, we all posed for a photo in the neighboring village of GonGon.

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