Step Two

About 14 days after I submitted my online application, I received a letter in the mail from Washington, D.C. stating that my local recruiting office (in San Francisco, CA) was requesting an interview with me in the next 30 days. I immediately called my designated recruiter and scheduled a time/day for the fateful interview. This interview is meant to ascertain whether a candidate is ready and capable of completing the full 27-month service in another country. Any hesitation or ambivalence in your voice or conduct will give the recruiter a chance to deny you a Ďnominationí for volunteer service. I was asked whether I had a long-term relationship, support from my family, or any fears. This was one of many questions. This question ultimately disqualified me from a nomination because I told the truth. I lied and said I was not in a long-term relationship because I was quite sure this would be a red flag for them not to nominate me. However, I did say that my family (grandparents) was not very supportive of me going, and that I had a fear of getting sick during service, given that Iím a very healthy person and didnít want that to change. She told me at the end of my interview that she could not nominate me, and that I should call her in a month or so to let her know if I had resolved my issues pertaining to my family and possible illness while abroad. I was shocked because this was only part of our long interview and didnít realize it would disqualify me from a nomination.

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