Photos of Santo Antao Island (June 2002)

hike of my life
One of the most memorable hikes of my life. And, no mom, I am not too close to the cliff!

Kids in the town of Paul.

Fontainhas hike
The mystical town of Fontainhas in the mountains of Santo Antao.

morning mist
This is surely where God lives, as one PCV said before we reached this breathtaking island. The poem below was inspired by a hike called "Pica da Cruz" that starts at the peak on this island, and winds its way down through villages before reaching the ocean.

(written by Anne Egger, MFA creative writing, UNM, following her trip to CV in 2002)

Brown peaks pray
with women's voices
"Da bençu,"
Give me a blessing

Clouds lift and gently drop
the murmurs
onto curving footpaths

They fall on the heads
of those who believe
"Deus fica li,"
God stay with you here

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