Photos of the 2002 International AIDS Conference in Barcelona, Spain (July 5-12th)

Protest at the Conference.

Rupert Everett was one of the panelists on MTV's program 'Staying Alive: A Forum on HIV/AIDS.' I participated as an audience member and was able to ask Former President Bill Clinton a question.

Coca-cola is the largest employer in Africa, and currently does not pay for anti-retrovirals for its thousands of employees that need them.

bachelorette party
I visited friends in Tarragona that I studied with during my junior year of high school as an AFS student in Spain. Bea, with the white dress, got married in July to a Norwegian professional guitarist, like herself. Laia, standing next to me, is a dermatologist.

All the hooplah at the Closing Ceremony with Bill Clinton and Nelson Mandela.

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