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Looking for a place to fit in? 



...a place to learn about God 
One of our goals is to help people understand who God really is. We believe that we can discover who God is by examining the Bible, particularly the life of Jesus. 

...committed to worship 
We seek to express our relationship with God through worship that is both exciting and relevant. We worship through music, prayers and preaching that addresses contemporary issues. 

...a place for kids 
We have programs available for children during sunday morning. We also provide some scholarship fund for the children from indigent families. 

...a place to get involved 
Our congregation is encouraged to use the gifts that God has given them in ministry. We see each person's gifts as significant in achieving God's plan for ECCM.

...based on relationships
We value authentic relationships with others. Everyone needs friends and we feel that church is the best place to foster close relationships. These relationships are developed through a time of fellowship during the worship service, small groups and personal interaction throughout the week. 

...concerned about our community 
We believe that God has called us to serve in our community. It is our desire to provide ministry that is relevant to the needs of the inpoverished families within church communities. 

...concerned about our world 
God has called us not only to serve in our community but in other places of the world.