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03 March
It looks like i'll be on a 56k modem for 2-3 months now. It's sad. The brother of my girl, Eastsidalbcc, will run my shit and my business in my absence. I'll post from his house, but i'll not be online so much on AIM no more. If you got urgent messages, email me at or holla at him on AIM (screen name: eastsidalbcc). Thanx and a special good bye soon to my Calilove brothers. Nothing but love. Remember me. I'm still here. Thanx a lot! (crying...). Antonio.
28 February
2 Singles received today: The Afro Puff of The Lady Of Rage and This DJ of Warren G. Check em in the AUDIO section.
26 February
Big news today. Again. I've added a new section called DVD & VHS with all my original movies & documentaries. Check it, it's nice. Plus i've received SMOKEFEST TOUR 1996 VHS original. The Lock Down version, the original one. It's hella tight. It's in the new section! ;)
23 February
Another day and another CD is arrived. This time it's the single of Snoop Doggy Dogg's Doggy Dogg World. I've cutted THUG IMMORTAL VHS from the TRADES section, and i've added some new videos. Check em. New sections on this site coming soon, with PC Games and a CONTACT me section. Peace.
22 February
Another CD Single received today: it's the Smoking Me Out UK Single of Warren G. BTW check the MOVIES section cause i've added some movies in DivX. Holla if u wanna trade something.
21 February
3 CDs received today: Tha Eastsidaz's Maxi Single of G'd Up, the Reel Tight's maxi single of I Want You (Remixes) and the enhanced single of Dr. Dre & Eminem - Forgot About Dre. They all in the ALBUMS section.
20 February
Another CD received, and it's the MC Ren - The Villain In Black one. Tight as fuck. I've just added it in the ALBUMS section. I'll change my address soon, so.. to every1 who use to trade with me, holla for the new one! Other news.. Calilove is coming back. Itsallgood got my back. We will start by promoting my MSG BOARD and then, if we will have enought members and requests, we will up the site again. So join it and post as more as you can, both news and trades! Thanx a lot. Peace.
16 February
I've just received the CD Single of JUST DOGGIN' of the DOGG POUND. It's hella dope! Lemme add it in my collection! :) News coming real soon..
11 February
2 Other singles received today: PAPARAZZI of Xzibit and THE NEXT EPISODE Enhanched CD of Dr.Dre! Check em in the ALBUMS section.
10 February
The VIDEOS section is up. You can find there all my SVCD videos (MPEG2 M2V videos perfect quality). If you got something to trade, just holla at me. Thanx.
9 February
Some quick updates today. First of all i've won a lot of things lately on Ebay, so.. very soon i'll get a lot of new shit for real. Then.. i'm planning to open a pub ftp with videos. I'll add a ratio or, if you close with me, i'll just open it for free. I'll add all my videos there. Only videos. Other shit on request. Oh.. and i'm woking with my homie Nima aka L.B.C._D.P.G.C.( again for those videos, so.. holla asap. Peace.
7 February, 2002
4 CDs received today thanx to my homie LBC213! I've received the first single ever of Nate Dogg - Never Leave Me Alone, the first single of the last album of Kurupt - It's Over (Enhanched CD), Dr. Dre - The Chronic and Snoop Dogg - Da Game Is To Be Sold, Not To Be Told. Thanx again. :-)
5 February, 2002
The Lady Of Rage - Necessary Roughness and Snoop Doggy Dogg - The Doggfather (CD Single) added in the ALBUMS section. Thank you Crizzip for the Rage trade.
4 February, 2002
Great addiction today. I've received 10 CD Singles of 2Pac. They all in the AUDIO section, 2Pac folder. Check em.
2 February, 2002
Sup? New month, new page. Fresh! If u wanna peep the old news of january, just click here. I'm making a lot of news these days, so i'm busy like a muthafucka. I'm working on a Videos list too, and on a MP3 list too, to trade shit faster.. Remember to check my new dope MSG BOARD and holla! Share the love. Peace.