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Several important announcements regarding books by Dorien Grey!

Notice:  I have returned from my wonderful European trip.  I'll resume posting blogs,
on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Thanks for everyone's patience
!        --Gary

--UntreedReads has released the first book in Dorien's supernatural mystery series, His Name Is John.  Click
on the cover below to order.  It can also be purchased from Amazon.
--Kudos to UntreedReads which continues to support the works of Dorien Grey.  Most recently, they have
announced that as of April 1, the early books in the Dick Hardesty series not currently in hardback will
now be available.  Many thanks to Jay and KD at Untreed Reads!
--Untreed has set up a provision for 10% of the profits of Dorien's books (and many others) to be donated

to Planned Parenthood, an organization Dorien strongly supported.  You can see the books available here: 
http://store.untreedreads.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=896. I encourage you to purchase
these books from Untreed Reads to help this important organization.
--All the Dick Hardesty books are now available.  The most recent are listed directly below and below
that are the earlier books; you can click on the covers for
a link to Untreed Reads to purchase these books;
they are also available at Amazon.

--Good news for audio book fans: The Popsicle Tree has just been released in an audio version at Audible.com
UntreedReads has graciously taken on the task of doing the audiobooks.  As new books are released I'll post
information here.  Happy listening!
Just released: the first title in Dorien's supernatural mystery series! Click on the cover to order:
Cover of "His Name Is John"

The just released audio version of
The Popsicle Tree:
Cover of the Audible.com "The Popsicle Tree"

Below are the rereleases from UntreedReads
of Dorien's previously out-of-print books; click on the covers for links to purchase:

Cover of "The Serpent's Tongue"
Cover of "The Peripheral Son"
Cover of "The Secret Keeper"
Cover of "The Angel Singers" Cover of "The Dream Ender" Cover of "The Paper Mirror" Cover of "The Role Players" Cover of "The Popsicle Tree" Cover of "The Dirt Peddler" Cover of "The Bottle Ghosts"

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