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Dorien Grey (pen name for Roger Margason) was the author of the popular gay series featuring
Private Detective Dick Hardesty.  Additionally, he wrote the supernatural John series, in which Elliott
is assisted in his crime solving by the ghost of John.

 This site is your entry into the world of Dorien Grey!

Dorien Grey, Roger Margason, died on November 1, 2015. But he left this final note for his readers:

“It seems I have reluctantly been called away. But I wanted to thank each of you for the pleasure of your company on my journey
through this all-too-brief life. I would hope I might remain, occasionally, in your thoughts, and that you might help my books, blogs,
and other writings remain alive, though I no longer am.

“I have returned to the eternity from which I—from which we all—emerged at birth, and to which we all return. As a writer,
I should be able to come up with a few memorable last words of my own, but I can think of none more fitting than those of
Peter Pan,
with whom I have always identified: 'Second star to the right, and straight on till morning.'"

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or comments about the site
or if you have any questions I can answer about Dorien.  --Gary:

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Here are all the Dick Hardesty books as they are currently being published by Untreed Reads.
Below the covers are the Dick Hardesty books listed in the order they were written; below that are the John books:

All the Dick Hardesty Covers

Here are the  Dick Hardesty books in the order in which they were written and in the order in which Dorien
wanted them to be read. Click on the title to visit the discounted order page at
Untreed Reads. The books are also
available on Amazon:

1. The Butcher's Son
2. The Ninth Man
3. The Bar Watcher
4. The Hired Man
5. The Good Cop
6. The Bottle Ghosts
7.The Dirt Peddlar
8. The Role Players
9. The Popsicle Tree
10. The Paper Mirror
11. The Dream Ender
12. The Angel Singers
13. The Secret Keeper
14. The Peripheral Son
15. The Serpent's Tongue

The John Series:

This is the first title in the John series.  Click on the title to order:

The second title in Dorien's supernatural mystery series! Click on the cover to order:

The third installment of
Dorien's supernatural series.
Click on the cover to order.
The is the final book in the John series--and the last book Dorien wrote. Clickon the cover to order:
Cover of "His Name Is John"
Cover of "Aaron's Wait"
Cover of "Caesar's Fall"
Cover of "Dante's Circle"

Dorien's other books:
Dorien's "different"
kind of Western:
A collection of
Dorien's blogs:
Dorien's letters
to his parents during
his time in the Navy:
Dorien's Poetry:
Cover of "Calico" Cover of "Short Circuits"
Cover of "A World Ago" Cover of "Dreams of a Calico Mouse"

These books are available in audio form from; Untreed Reads is working to have more books put into audio format:
His Name
is John

Aaron's Wait
Caesar's Fall
The Ninth Man
Dreams of
a Calico Mouse

Short Circuits:
A Life in Blogs

Untreed Reads is also offering complete sets of the Dick Hardesty books, both in paperback and hard cover,
and  the John series, also in paperback and hard cover. All Untreed Reads books are offered at speial prices.

Bio Video Trailers

Chapter Ones

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