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Several important announcements regarding books by Dorien Grey!

UntreedReads has released the final book in Dorien's John series, and
Dorien's last book: Dante's Circle
; you can order it here.
Cover of Dante's Circle

--UntreedReads is making a special offer for a complete set of Dorien Grey's Dick Hardesty series at
25% off; these can be ordered in either paperback or hardcover.

--Please note that Dorien's link to his blog has changed; it is now http://doriengreyandme.blogspot.com/.
Or you can click on the link below. The previous address, DorienGreyandMe.com is no longer functioning.
And a reminder that Dorien's blogs are being rereleased every Tuesday and Friday at the above address or by
clicking on the blog link below


The third installment of
Dorien's supernatural series.
Click on the cover to order.
The second title in Dorien's supernatural mystery series! Click on the cover to order: This is the first title in the John series.  Click on
the title to
The Cover of "Caesar's Fall" Cover of "Aaron's Wait" Cover of "His Name Is John"

Now released the audio version of
The Popsicle Tree:
For something a little
different, try Dorien's
novel, Calico.
Click on the
cover to order.
Cover of the Audible.com "The Popsicle Tree"
The Cover of "Calico"

Below are the rereleases from UntreedReads
of Dorien's previously out-of-print books; click on the covers for links to purchase:

Cover of "The Serpent's Tongue"
Cover of "The Peripheral Son"
Cover of "The Secret Keeper"
Cover of "The Angel Singers" Cover of "The Dream Ender" Cover of "The Paper Mirror" Cover of "The Role Players" Cover of "The Popsicle Tree" Cover of "The Dirt Peddler" Cover of "The Bottle Ghosts"

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