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Welcome to the Daria Goodies Page! This isn't your average Daria page with links to scripts, character descriptions, plot summaries, or whatever. There are links to sites below which has stuff for that. This Daria pages contains goodies with which you can decorate your PC with -- icons, Winamp skins, sound files, backgrounds and more! Enjoy! All items on my page were made by me unless otherwise noted. The images are property of MTV Animation.

Be sure to watch Daria every Wednesday night at 10:00 on MTV!

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Icons: All icons are made with two resolutions - 48x48, 256 colors & 32x32, 256 colors and archived using the Microangelo Librarian for your viewing convenience :)

Representative icons are above. Click here for full index.

Representative icons are above. Click here for full index.

Note: I found out after I made the second set of Daria icons that Jason Cabral had already made a set of Daria icons using the same pictures I used from the MTV Daria hompeage. To be fair, you can download Jason's Daria Icons from a link on the fantastic My set and his both look similar but they're not exactly the same (fortunately!). The first set, I'm glad to say, is totally unique.

DariaAmp v2.1
CREATED: 7/22/98 (6/27/99)
  I really like this quirky cartoon on MTV. Daria follows the life of Daria Morgendorffer, high school student at Lawndale High, along with her best friend Jane Lane. Daria lives life on a wave of sarcasm, riding above the superficial lives around her. Now Winamp 2.0+ compatible!

Click here to see full Winamp 2.0+ image
JaneAmp v2.1
CREATED: 7/23/98 (6/27/99)
  It's Daria's best friend - Jane Lane! Likes to draw, run, eat pizza, and possesses a sarcasm to match Daria's. This "dynamic" duo brave the social ills of superficiality, shallowness, and stupidity at Lawndale High. Now Winamp 2.0+ compatible!

Click here to see full Winamp 2.0+ image
QuinnAmp v1.0
CREATED: 7/27/98
  Now here's Daria's extremely popular little sister with the perfect pores, Quinn Morgendorffer. Vice president of the fashion club and continuously followed by her male followers, Quinn thrives in the superficial environment her sister dispises.
TrentAmp v1.0
CREATED: 7/28/98
  Trent Lane, Jane's brother and liked by Daria (although she won't tell him that). A musican and philosopher, often practicing until it's late, or early, or whatever. He belongs to a band named Mystic Spiral, although the name could change at any time.
BrittanyAmp v1.0
CREATED: 6/26/99
  Here are two more main characters from MTV's awesome cartoon series, Daria. Brittany and her football-head boyfriend are the very epitome of adolescent stupidity at Lawndale High.
KevinAmp v1.0
CREATED: 6/26/99
  Kevin is the QB (that stands for quarterback, in case you didn't know) of the Lawndale High football team on MTV's awesome cartoon series, Daria. He and his ditzy cheerleading girlfriend, Brittany, represent all that is vacuous in the adolescent world.

Backgrounds: (800x600)


The Daria Logo


The 10-Spot group picture


Daria Theme Lyrics


Daria, all by herself


Jane, all by herself


Quinn, all by herself


Trent, all by himself


Brittany, all by herself


Kevin, all by himself

Note: For backgrounds of individuals, center the image (not tile) and match the desktop background color to the color of the picture background. This saves memory and keeps the size of the picture smaller.

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