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Pictures of my Hejira

I go to work on this....
(Picture: Cadwell park - 25 June 2001)

More fun at Cadwell.

My Hejira on the day I bought it. It had a Honda XBR500 engine bored out to 600cc, no bodywork other than the seat unit and a really loud homebrew megaphone exhaust.

I bought a TZ250B seat unit and a TZ250A fairing, got rid of the heavy oil tank positioned right behind the carb (really close to it and restricting air-flow) and replaced it with an alumininium one inside the fairing. I also ditched the loud rusty exhaust and put on 2 carbon cans from a Ducati 888. Hejira made the downpipes and the aluminium oil tank.

My first race, at Cadwell park (bike at the back), in 1995.