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Introduction Speech

Paper Bag


~After giving this speech, you should:


1.Begin to reduce your stage fright.

2. Have a good ides how you feel when you give a speech.

3. Be better acquainted with the other students in your class, and thus feel somewhat more at ease in speaking to them.



Prepare a 2-3 minute Introduction speech.

            ~You might cover such points as your name; where you live; where you were born; other schools you have attended; your major; whether you work, live at home, are married, or such; you major interest; your plans for the future.

            ~You could describe one of your favorite possessions, an animal you like, a place you enjoy visiting, a trip you're taken, or such.


~You can cover the outside of the bag or bring items (that fit inside the bag) that represent your interest/ hobbies.



Speech Outline:


A basic outline for this speech.  You can get more creative in the delivery and word selection…Have fun with this speech!


Introduction…"I have many interests and hobbies, this paper bag shows some of them."


Main Points: Show or describe the item and why you think it is important to you.


Conclusion: " Now you know a little more about me."