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Welcome to my Marijuana page. This page is intended for education purposes. Please give time for the images to load as it is well worth it. And each image is a link to another informative site.

Speak Your Mind ... Vote

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cannabis news

National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws
Contribute to NORML
High Times
Hemp Net Expanding The Boundaries Of Hemp
Drug Reform Coordination Network
The Garden of Eden - The OS Club to legalize pot
Marijuana Policy Project- "Minimize the harm associated with marijuana" Cannabis info online
A petition
Treating Yourself - a source for medical marijuana users
Florida Cannabis Action Network
Conservatives for Marijuana Legalization Yahoo discussion group - moderated by CherryGod
Other Yahoo Groups About Marijuana

MS, Marijuana and Me
Alison Myrden has Multiple Sclerosis. Her condition causes her constant
pain, bladder problems and leg spasms. The drugs prescribed for her
condition render her comatose. Instead, Alison chooses medical marijuana.
Come spend a day with her and find out why.

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Feel free to post these on your web site linking to one of the above sites or this page.

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