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Robert White & the Candy Mountain Express

The career of Robert White covers six decades. Born in Alabama and raised in Tennessee, the influence of his farming Family that sang Gospel music is strongly evident in his vocals today. Robert moved to Ohio where he started on radio in1954. His first band was called "The Candy Mountain Boys, "But when ladies were added to the group the name was changed to "Robert White and The Candy Mountain Express". Robert has been a successful Bluegrass promoter since 1975.Robert’s rustic lead vocals prove he is from the "Old School". That was the title of a recording project featuring the legendary banjo player Raymond Fairchild (Atteiram API-C-1673).(Best Part Of My Life Is Loving You) contains more of "The Old School" vocals of Robert White. The song selection is very interesting with instrumental support from David Davis and The Warrior River Boys on three songs as a tribute to the late Lester Flatt. Now that you have a copy of (The Best Part Of Loving You) in your hands, place it in your stereo and enjoy "The Old School" style of music of Robert White and his friends.

Frank Overstreet, Features Writer

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