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Copyright Note: Individual authors retain all rights to their work. Reproduction in whole or part is not allowed.


      "A Bipolar World" - by Paul Millard

      "A Shadow Upon My Soul" - by Paul Millard

      "A Smile" - by Rachel Fayans

      "CAROUSEL" - by Ben Brown

      "Christmas Eve" - by J. Nolan

      "Dagger Threw My Brain" - by Jim McCartan

      "Freedom" - by Erica Meyers

      "Haikus" - by C.S.

      "Masque" - by Ben Brown

      "Moving Out" - by Erika

      "My Mask" - by Rachel Fayans

      "Outsider Knowing" - by neisha thorn

      "PAIN" - by MLP

      "Penny For Your Pocket Of Dreams" - by Paul Millard

      "Pills" - by Missy

      7 Hard Years - by Timothy Peter Murphy

      "Tree of Life" - by Marci Karess

      "UNTITLED" - by Erika

      "What It's Like" - by Rachel Fayans




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