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Bipolar mania symptoms can be variable in duration and intensity, and are usually followed by severe depression, sometimes referred to as "crashing." It is often difficult for people to view mania as an illness. Unlike depression, where the patient usually looks miserable and functions poorly, a person in a manic state may feel excessively good and "on top of the world".

Mania can be thought of as the opposite of depression in every way. There is a conviction of power and superhuman ability. Those in the middle of a manic episode may have limitless energy and interest in life. They may feel that they are enjoying life more than ever before, that nothing bad can happen to them, that they are capable of doing everything they have ever wanted to do.

This is where the problems begin as the manic person often behaves impulsively without considering the consequences of his or her actions. Bipolar mania symptoms vary, but the patient may spend money compulsively or do things completely out of the ordinary. He will often take risks he shouldn't or say or do things he will later regret. During a manic episode, the patient may deny there is anything wrong, becoming hostile, irritable, or paranoid when any attempts are made to limit his freedom or persuade him to get help.

DSM-IV Symptoms of Mania:

Elevated, expansive, or irritable mood for at least one week
Inflated self-esteem or grandiosity
Decreased need for sleep
More talkative than usual, a pressure to keep talking
Flight of ideas or sense that your thoughts are racing
Increase in activity directed at achieving goals
Excessive involvement in potentially dangerous activities
Take the Mania Questionnaire

Articles on Bipolar Mania Symptoms:

WebMD: Hypomania and Mania in Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar mania, hypomania, and depression are symptoms of bipolar disorder. The dramatic mood swings of bipolar disorder do not follow a set pattern. Depression does not always follow mania. A person may experience the same mood state several times -- for weeks, months, even years at a time -- before suddenly having the opposite mood. Also, the severity of mood phases can differ from person to person...

Health Journal Online: Bipolar Mania

Characterized by manic as well as depressive episodes is the biological disorder, bipolar mania. A person with bipolar disorder shows symptoms of extreme exhilaration at one moment than severe depression the next. Particularly, manic signs and symptoms include amplified energy, poor judgment, restiveness, disturbing behavior and a reduced need for sleep.

Personal Descriptions of Bipolar Mania Symptoms:

Below are some descriptions of bipolar mania from members of the BPhoenix support groups:

"Mania(hypo) is - anger, finding ways to use plungers in a violent manner - thoughts faster than a speeding bullet - feelings I AM BATMAN, would you like to ride with Batman? - speech stuttered, slurred, too fast to recognize syllables - predisposition to be the life of the party - voices, visions - i AM god's gift to everyone - my ears hurt, waking people up at night cuz i wannna talk - inability to stay on one subject - sleep? what's that? i don't need no sleep - creativity. positive creativity - frustration with those who don't want to do something, rages at those who annoy me, anyone wanna go out and rave? - laughter, hitting walls, recklessness, stupidity, never thinking of consequenses - i LOVE you, i LOVE everyone, i even love my little fingers and toes."
- Ben Brown

"In the beginning it can be like moments of perfect bliss and understanding. Feelings of perfection and of oneness with the universe. Understanding everything, loving everything, and finding fault in nothing. This quickly turns to paranoia and terror as you realize your thoughts are no longer under your control. Everything gets mixed up, your thoughts go too fast and the rest of world seems to be standing still. You turn quickly from being the best at everything and in control of everything to being stuck and trapped and afraid."
- Jo

"I know you have all had an orgasm. I hope so anyway. Imagine that orgasm lasting for 23 hours a day, every day, for a month. Singing in your soul. Everything you touch becomes part of you and you become part of everything you touch. It is not about thinking you are great. It is knowing you are great. You know it deep in your soul, like you've always known it. You are handsome and brilliant and funny. You will rule the world one day. You are a poet and an artist and a chef and the world's greatest lover. And everyone else knows it too. That's why they want to kidnap you and put you on a spaceship. Thats why they want to disect you. That's why you smash into them with your car and get arrested. And that is why you start on lithium."
- Marcus in Ohio

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