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Sandy Appel-Bubnowski

LIVED AT: 15 Stow Rd., Mattapan until 1969. My parents moved to Randolph. Charles H. Taylor Elem. School, Solomon Lewenberg J.H., Hyde Park High ( 10th grade) and graduated H.S. at Newman Prep. in 1969 and I went to the The Boston Conservatory of Music, graduated in 1974.

Remember me by...
I loved hanging at the wall during the high holidays, Mattapan Square, and I summered in Nantasket across from Kemberma. Loved to play whist inside the Bermakin Hotel.

Malcolm Alter

LIVED AT: 8 Jacobs St., from birth 1946, to 1955; 124 Capen St. till 1964; 41 Lorna Rd till 1975. I started at the William Bradford School, then Frank V. Thompson, Charles H. Taylor, Solomon Lewenberg, and English High, class of 1964. I went on to Emerson College.

Harold Atkins

I grow up in Dorchester in the 40's and 50's and am now 66 years old (as of August, 2001). I attended the Frank V Thompson(1950), and Memorial(1953). Janice(my wife)and I live in Hull and Boynton Beach.

Harvey Avidon

LIVED AT: 35 Stanwood Street Roxbury; 104 Southern Ave. Dorchester; 562 Walk Hill Street; West Selden Street

Remember me by...
1969 Dodge Charger, Simco's, Parking at the MET, Nantasket, Kenberma Street summers

Jim Barron

Boston English High 1964

Ellie Becker Bantit

Graduated J.E.Burke in 1964

Norman Berkowitz

LIVED AT: 49 Westmore Rd. Mattapan; Age 55 (as of May 2001)

Remember me by...
Hot rods, bowling, Sams, Micky's, pool Barneys and above, Simco's, Faye, Judy, Marty, Harvey, Lester

Sheldon "Shelley" Berman

LIVED AT: Born in Everett, moved to Dorchester, (19 Harlem St) in '44, moved to 98 Audubon Rd, Milton in '57.

Remember me by...
My mother ran the cigar stand at the G&G. I joined the Navy in '61, settled in San Diego, CA in '62. Married Rosalyn Stopnik in '62, have three children 39, 36, 30 and two grandsons (as of June 2003). Currently live in El Cajon, CA for the last 34 years.A couple of names I remember: Richard Volkin, Nancy Cohen, Roger Kahan.

Norman Bishop (Nuppy)

LIVED AT: Creston St. Roxbury, then Irma St. Dorchester. Went to Patric T. Campbell school then Boston Trade High. I've been in Hollywood FL for 31 years; before that, Randolph, MA

Judy Borack

LIVED AT: 35 Michigan Avenue, Dorchester, moved at 11 to 127 Lucerne Street. Lived down the street from bowling alley at the end of Livingston Street. Attended Lewenberg, graduated Jerry '65.

Remember me by...
Brother Steve Borack, sister Susan. Hung around with Judi Franklin, late Donna Goldman, late Rosemary Hanlon and hung at the wall on Blue Hill Ave during the High Holidays, Hecht House, went to Camp Kingswood for 3 years when the Glovsky's were in charge in the 50's. Anybody go to Camp Kingswood when they where 8-10? Presently live in Randolph and am a clinical social worker. Hope to hear from some of my friends from the past. Dorchester days were the best!

Carol (Bornstein) Smith

LIVED AT: Kingsdale St. (near Franklin Field) then Lorna Road. Attended Girls' Latin School from 7th grade and graduated in 1963

Carolyn Bourne

My best memories, seeing the people who summered in Hull but were from "the city" and were all together for hugs and hello's on the Jewish holidays in front of Franklin Field....... Who's out there ??????

Ricki Brent Wahl

LIVED IN Nantasket year round. Sat at Kenberma Beach, hung out at Buddies, went to the Youth Center.

Stephen Bricker

LIVED AT: 27 Havelock Street from birth (1943) to 1946, then 28 Clarkwood Street till 1949

Pre-school at the Hecht house, 150 American Legion Hwy. Kindergarten and first grade at Pauline Agassiz Shaw School, 429 Norfolk St. (corner Morton St.) 1947-49

Remember me by:
My best friend at the time was Neil Berenson (or Brenson) And just like Charlie Brown there was a pretty little Red Headed girl on my street. She lived in the white house with the bay window on Clarkwood Street. Her name is Francine. (I cannot recall her last name.) She tried to teach me to roller skate. Id like to know what happened to her.
In the Summer of 1949 we moved to "The Beach". Nantasket Beach, Hull, of course, where I spent the remainder of my youth. I graduated Hull High in the summer of 1960.
As a boy I was tall for my age, blue eyes, and a towhead blond. I was very lonely when we first moved to Clarkwood Street. I remember sitting on the fire hydrant one spring day, and crying. A little boy my age came up to me and asked why I was crying. "Because I have no friends." He said, "I'll be your friend." And he was. His name is Neil (Berenson or similar). I'd like to make contact if he is still with us.
Anyone know anything about the Clark farm on Norfolk St. between Clarkwood and Hosmer Streets?

Shelley Brooks

LIVED AT 801 Blue Hill Avenue; went to the Robert Treat Paine School 1960-66; Teachers: Ms. Drown, Ms. Roseman, The Soelle sisters - Elsie & Viola, Ms. O'Keefe, and Ms. DeAngelis; graduated Milton H.S. 1973.

Remember me by...
Lived upstairs from Uncle Sam's office - (Dr. Finkelstein). My mother was "Carol Klass," Roxbury Memorial '48. I remember sherbet at Lakin's, candy at Weiner's (Harry), comic books at Wales & Field Drugstores; Sklar's Grocery Store, Norman's Toy Store, Murry's Art Supplies, Brown's Jeweler's; movies at the Morton & Oriental and fireworks on the 4th at Franklin Field with free Hoodsies!

Seena Chandler Goldman

LIVED AT 3 Stanwood Terrace, 15 Crawford St., and spent my teenage years at 139 Washington St.(corner of Glenarm St.). I attended the Atherton in 3rd grade after moving from Beachmont, Christopher Gibson, Patrick T. Campbell,and graduated from Roxbury Memorial,1955.

Remember me by...
I hung out at the corner of Washinton St. and Glenarm and was active in BBG.

David Cohen

LIVED IN Everett. Graduated high school in '62. Organized multi-city philanthropic efforts - Everett, Malden, Chelsea, Revere and Medford. Aleph Godol of Fred B. Ginsberg AZA, Everett, and very active in Tri-State Region in late 50's & early 60's.

Rhoda Coppleman Clarke

LIVED AT: 67 Cheney Street; Roxbury H.S. 1935

Carl Davis

LIVED ON: Roxton St. Dorchester, Callender St. Went to Oliver Wendell Holmes

Remember me by...
Dad owned Sunlight Bakery on Blue Hill Ave. Owner-founder of Gilbert & Davis Caterers. Best friend Mendy Levine & best man. Currently in Boynton Beach


Sonny Drootin

LIVED AT: Dyer Court (off Capen St.) then Babson St. Frank V. Thompson & Woodrow Wilson Jr. High in the late 1950's. Boston Tech and UMass Amherst in the 1960's. Nobody has mentioned the "Piece Of Pizza" on B.H. Ave. yet.

Judi (Feldberg) Weinstein

LIVED IN Roxbury, Dorchester, AND Mattapan. I went to the Martha Baker, Charles Logue, and Sarah Greenwood schools. Then I went to the Lewenberg and Roxbury Memorial High (Girls), graduating in 1958. In 1962 I moved to Chicago, and ended up in Flemington, NJ, where I've been for the last 34 years.

Remember me by...
I was the quintessential tomboy, out playing with the boys every day after school. While in high school I worked at my uncle's store -- Max Andrews Delicatessen on Blue Hill Ave in Roxbury. Gained the unwarranted reputation of being a "hippie" because I played folk songs and played the guitar in the late 50's and early 60's. I spent my teen years on Kingsdale Street-- behind the Talbot Bowladrome, and was known as the "grl with the German Shepherd" named Vickie. I have TWO German Shepherds now. :-).

Arthur Field
945 5th Ave. Apt.3f NY NY 10021.

Grew up in Roxbury, 449 Walnut Ave. with Ronnie and Alan Weiner, Mitchell Goldstein, Alden Fradcoff, Paul Tose, the Kachinsky Brothers. Went to Williams School, Ellis Mendel, Roosevelt, Putman, Solomon Lewenberg, Brighton High School, graduated Brookline 1961 then to L.A. My roomate was Slip Shapiro..

Remember me by...
At the YMHA all the time. My protecterites were the late Monkey Pruzon, Chico Krantz and Michael Marchette. The highlight at the last YMHA reunion was Gail Butler Diaz. Was at Camp Chebacco for two years.


Jane Fischer Rosenston

LIVED AT: 20 Westmore Rd.; 33 Bullard St.

David Fish

LIVED ON Almont Street. Martha Baker, Charles Logue, Solomon Lewenberg, Boston Latin, and Boston English 1963

Remember me by...
Simco's, Embers, G&G, Nantasket, American Legion Highway drag strip. Getting nostalgic just thinking about it :-)

Sandy Fishman - see Don Shapiro

Sharon Arlene Foilb

My sister Marcy and I lived at 139 Almont St. Mattapan. I'm 50, she's 45 (as of October 2002). Went to Martha Baker, Charles Logue, Soly, Jerry,. Marcy went to Fontbonne Academy and Girls' Latin. I graduated Lewnberg 1966. Class 7L1A. Started first grade (Miss Shanker) 1956. Graduated Cambridge Academy Prep School 1969 - left the Jerry 1968 in 11th grade. Had Miss Wolf, Mr. Connelly, Mr. Goulding for Latin, Miss Silverman 4th grade, Mr. Sill 5th grade, Miss Wilson 3rd grade, Miss Sullivan 2nd grade, Miss Cannata - art, Mr. Saldarini 6th grade Miss Connelly - sewing.

Remember me by...
I loved parakeets - still do. I was heavy - still am. I knew Leonard Nimoy and his family personally..

Bob Fox

The greatest basketball player ever to come out of the Hecht House. Lewenberg '61; Boston English '64. Cutlers, Mickeys etc.

Saul "Solly" Freedman

LIVED AT: 11 Marden Avenue, Dorchester across from the William Bradford till 1958. William Bradford 1949, Pauline Shaw 1950, Roger Wolcott 1953, Solomon Lewinberg 1956, Boston Tech, Van Nuys High 1959. Moved to California. Have three married kids and three grandchildren - one more coming.

Remember me by...
Married Susan Rentzer from Brighton in 1963. She died in 1993.

Bob Freeman

Greatest class ever: Boston English - 1964. Hecht House 1963-1965. Mickey's Pool Room

Mickey Freeman

LIVED ON Helen Street in Dorchester. Graduated Solomon Lewenberg Junior High in 1969. Graduated Framingham South High in 1972.

Remember me by...
I had a lot of older siblings (Merle, Cheryl, Bobby & Lois)

Fred Goldberg

LIVED ON: Fowler St. across from Cong. Beth El until leaving the area in the late '50s to attend Purdue Univ. Attended Sarah Greenwood Elementary School, Patrick T. Campbell Jr. High, & Boston English('55).

Remember me by...
Hung out at Grove Hall Bowling/Pool, YMHA, Cutler's Pool Rm, & of couse late night snacks at Simco's. Was also at The Wall every year

Alan Goldstein

LIVED AT: 1405 Blue Hill Ave., across from Norfolk St. in Mattapan


Maxine Goldstein Papkin

Lived on Lucerne St. till 1957, moved to Orlando St. Mattapan. Graduated the Burke High School in 1964


Dave Greenberg

Actually from Brighton and Brookline but grew up in Nantasket in summers through 1959 so I go to know and was corrupted (ha!) by the Mattapan/Dorchester kids! Sneeked into the Soli in about '59 for graduation.....layed flat up on the balcony... Was there a Mr. Lee?

I'm single, living in Ft Lauderdale (not retired, thank you) looking for old friends.... including Arthur Kasarjian. Best to all!

Diane (Herman) Boss

LIVED AT 66 Capen St. Then 96 Radcliff St. til 1961. I lived down the street from the Sarah Greenwood School, but attented Lubavitz Yeshiva on Seaver St. in Roxbury in 1956. One of the kids on Radcliffe St. was an Alan Jacobson. I used to love to go to Franklin Park Zoo. The elephant house interested me the most. Also Bagels on Erie St. I went to school from age nine in Waltham but always considered Dorchester to be the "Alter Heim".

Remember me by...
I used to go to Beth El on Fowler st with my neighbors, Arnold Wensky and Marsha Lapin (Sachs)

Carl Hoffman (known back then as "Chuckie")

LIVED AT 67 Crawford Street, Roxbury, 1952-1956; 14 West Selden Street, Mattapan, 1956-1964. Attended Hecht House Nursery School, Charles H. Taylor elementary School, Sarah Greenwood Elementary School (where I was in the two-year "Advanced Class" program with Mr. DeSario), and the Dorchester-Mattapan Hebrew School (where my favorite teacher was Mr. Weisbord).
Now married with two children, living in Israel.


My dad, Sumner Hurwitz, owned Whitman's Deli at 1202 Blue Hill Ave near Morton Street. He was a really great guy. Always in a good mood, always a joke to share. Very talented at making party platters. He held on to the deli until 1969 but Mattapan was changing quickly and he basically walked away, losing everything he worked so hard for. He later moved to southern California where I had my own catering truck business and he worked for me for a couple of years and loved it! He was a good kibbitzer. He and my mom, Brina, ended up in Margate, Florida where Mom still resides. He died on August 17, 2006 and leaves behind two sons, Stanley and Phillip, two daughters, Julie Lawson of Scottsdale, Arizona & Fredda Lee Hurwitz of London, England, and four grandchildren, Lee, Seth, Ella Simone & Noah. If you knew my Dad, I'd love to hear from you.
Julie Hurwitz

Donna Jo (Hyman) Brinson

LIVED ON Morton Street, big white house on corner of Morton and Harvard Sts. Left Hyde Park High School in 1970 and moved to Florida. Would have graduated in 1971. Went to Lewenberg JH.

Remember me by...
Hung around with the kids from Norfolk Park and the kids from Milton. Hung out in Mattapan Square. Spent my summers in Revere Beach.

Lois Isaacson Kaplan

My brother Ken and I grew up on Morton St, near Lower Mills and Baker's Chocolate. Grammar school at the Charles Taylor, then Latin School for both of us. We moved to Newton 2nd half of my sophmore year in high school and I graduated from Newton South in '68. We spent summers in Nantasket at the corner of H and Nantasket Ave, hung out at Kenberma, the "center".

Sheryl (Kaplan) Lerner

LIVED AT the Franklin Hill Ave housing project and attended Robert Treat Paine, "Solly" (graduated 961), "Jerry" (graduated 1964). We moved out of the project in 1961 to Selden St. (across from W. Selden). I was quiet and shy (not now) and was friendly with Frances Poley, Linda Bornstein, Phyllis Rotman, Roberta Blumenthal, Elise Koro, and Nina Gillette. Went to Camp Kingswood for the maximum number of years that I could attend - loved it. My father worked on Blue Hill Ave at Blacker Brothers Fruit store across from the Morton Theater. Married Larry in 1967 and still "going strong"

Morris Keesan

LIVED AT: Havelock St., Dorchester and 7 Baird St., Dorchester; Age 48 (as of May 2001). Audubon School 1959-1964, Solomon Lewenberg 1964-1965. Then we moved to Newton.

Remember me by...
Hecht House; My Uncle Blackie's deli in Mattapan Square

Linda Keller-Rosenthal

LIVED AT: Theodore St. Dorchester

Remember me by...
Hung around Dutchess. "Best friends" at that time with Ellen, Sheila, Margie. Lance's 'Sister"

Alan Klein

LIVED AT: 90 Callendar St.; Frank V. Thompson 1948

Daniel Klein

Age 64 in June, 2003. Lived at 122 Howland St. Roxbury, until 1952, then moved to 16 Arbutus Street, Dorchester (2 blocks from the G&G). Went to the Solomon Lewenburg J. H. S. Then Moved to American Legion Highway, at the Corner of Angel Street, in Dorchester. Went to Boston Trade H. S. Entered the Air Force in 1958


Married Glenda (Goldberg) now residing in Randolph. Graduated Roxbury Memorial in 1944, Burdett College in 1950. Was involved with many clubs at the Grove Hall School Center at the "Jerry". See page 5 of the F.F.A. newsletter for a picture of a group.

Deborah Kripke Kahan

LIVED AT 190 Harvard St.(corner of Harvard and Wales Sts.) until 1954, when we moved to the Franklin Hill Avenue housing project after our father passed away. Sisters: Judy Kripke Uckerman, Marcia Kripke Berkall and Myra Kripke MacLeod. My family lived in Dorchester from the 1940s through the '70s.

Remember me by...
We went to Chai Odom synagogue on Nightingale Street where most of my mother's family attended services on High Holidays and Festivals. Judy and I went to Sarah Greenwood elementary school; Marcia and Myra attended the Audobon School. We all graduated from Solomon Lewenberg Jr. High and Jeremiah E. Burke High School for Girls. We also attended music and theory classes at the South End Music School. We are looking to connect with former friends from the DRM area.

Myra Kripke MacLeod

LIVED AT 15 Franklin Hill Ave. Went to Robert Treat Paine, Solomon Lewenberg, J.E Burke Class of 1967

Remember me by...
Played violin

Michael Lewis

LIVED ON: Roxton St.(off Glenway & Greenwood). Born 9-13-44, older sister Cynthia and younger brother Burton. Oliver Homes Jr High, graduated Boston Technical High in 1962. Moved to Brighton in 1960. Was active in YMHA (Seaver St?) Graduated Beth El Hebrew School. Spent many a Jewish holiday on the wall. Had many friends but lost track when i moved to N.Y. in 1964.

Steve "The Lipper" Lipman

LIVED ON Hansborough Street, Audobon School 1951 To those of us that knew the wall before The Who.

Ronnie Lupo

LIVED AT 24 McLellen St. Dorchester, went to Sara Greenwood, Solomon Lewenberg.

Remember me by...
Disc jockey at The Candy Stick (famous dancer) in Nantasket, hung out at Mickies poolroom (played Willy Moscony when I was 17)...Anybody still owe me money? Retired famous hair dresser. Living in Hollywood, Fla 26 years.

Danny Marcus

LIVED AT: My brother Mitch (one year younger than me; we became 50 and 49, respectively, in May 2001) and I started out on Norfolk Terrace and before the first grade we moved to Johnston Road, where we attended the Audubon Elementary School. In 1963, we moved to Wellington Hill (at the corner of Ormond and Duke streets), where I attended the Lewenberg, Mitch attended the Charles Taylor and Boston Latin School, and we both attended Boston Tech. I graduated in 1969. Mitch graduated Randolph High in 1970. I hung out at the Hecht House a lot and was a member of Louis Needel AZA in 1968-69. My brother was a member of George Gershwin AZA.

Remember me by...
Roger Katz and I were bar-mitzvahed together at Temple Beth Hillel on Morton Street.

Eddie Menten

LIVED AT: 355 Geneva Ave., 703 Washington Street. 82 Whitfield Street. Boston English High 1963-1967.

Remember me by...
Used to hang at the 4 corners.

Harry Merriam

LIVED ON Ashton street, Morton Ave, Walk Hill and Mildred Ave. Went to the Lewenberg. Hung at Walker playground, Mattapan on the Bridge. I'm 49 (as of June 2003).

Remember me by...
I was a good bad boy who never hurt anyone. I worked for a few of the grocery stores on Blue Hill ave, delivering orders and stocking shelves.

Janet Amato Miller & Ricky (now Rick) Miller

LIVED AT: Janet: 42 Itasca St. Mattapan. Went to the Lewenberg and graduated the "Jerry" 1964. Rick: 14 Hannon St. Dorchester (it is now a vacant lot with a sink birdbath!) and graduated from Latin School in 1963. We belonged to the Hecht House during those wonderful years 1959 thru 1964. Would love to hear from old or should I say "seasoned" friends. People might remember us as a cute couple, and we still are. Our matings have produced two Enchantees/Aardvarks and three beautiful grandsons.

Jack Murphy

LIVED AT: 16 Milton Ave. Age 68 (as of May 2001). St.Matthew Elementary School, B.C.High one year. Boston English till dropped out at 16. Later to Boston Univ. from 1955-60.

Remember me by...
Skinny, quiet kid. Called "Stringbean" in my 20's (doesn't fit now)

Judye Myrick Fox

Went to E.P. Tileston elementary, Solomon Lewenberg Jr. High, Hyde Park High.

Remember me by...
Hung out in Dorchester at Piece of Pizza near Havelock and Baird Streets with Wendy Kaplan, Gloria Greene, Shelley Pratt, Glenda Feldman, as well as at Oriental Theater, Embers, Blackies and Whities. In high school also hung with Jeannette De Jong (long hair, purple dresses and guitar), Marlene SIegelman (Hippie) went to Temple Shalom in Milton and then walked to the wall on high holidays and belonged to BBG's. Had a lot of parties with Dorchester/Mattapan AZA boys. In the summer hung at, where else, Kemberma St near the Rose Gordon Hotel, and JCC. My family moved to California in 1970.

Rick Needleman

LIVED AT: 11 Stow Rd; graduated Boston Tech in 1969.

Remember me by...
Nickname in Boston Technical High School was Rock...1965 Olds 442 red convertible, Sam's, Barney's, Mickey's, and my red hair.

Ralph Parker

LIVED AT: 12 Leston Street, attended Roger Wolcott, Lewenberg and English High-graduated in 1965. Lived in Mattapan until 1968. Have lived in Atlanta for 22 years. My wife also grew up on Leston Street(Rona Chmara)

Remember me by...
Memories of Morton and Oriental theatre, Smith Drug Store, Elis, Old Brown Jug, Mattapan Lanes, Waldman's Candy, Almont Pizza, coed football AZA/BBG at Norfolk Playground.

Annette Paris Onofri

GREW UP ON Theodore Street from 1960-1971, went to the Bradford, Walcott, Thompson and Woodrow Wilson. Moved to Revere in 1971 Graduated in 1974.

Remember me by...
Friends with Ethel Zwicker, Rhonda Paysnick, Sandy Furman, Susan Silverstein. Spent summers at the Bradford playground waiting to get the best swing, and beat who I could at chinese checkers and Mancala. Do you remember the carnivals at the state hospital?? Joe the Ice Cream Man, Make your own sundae at Fountain Fair!! Waldman's Candies (nuts in a paper bag) My daugher's favorite story is how we would go to the three shuls on Woodrow Ave. during the high holidays and feel the ladies furs!!

Peter Potter

LIVED AT 20 Wildwood St. until 1967. Went to PA Shaw School, 1959-61, 1962-64. Favorite teacher was Mrs Brodigan, (2nd grade), Roger Wolcott 1961-62 (4th grade only), and Boston Latin, 1964-66. Graduated Newton South in 1970. Spent summers in Nantasket. Lived on K St., hung out at Youth Center and Kenberma Street. Friends from Wildwood St. were Howard Shuman, Robert Lewis, Robert Bornstein, Albert Davis, Larry Rodenstein, Larry Berman, Robert and Stanley Glaskin, Steve and Dave Hardy. In 1999, after almost 25 years, I re-established and have maintained contact with my "adopted" older brother, Jerry Weiner. Special memories of Phyllis Quasha (4th grade). Single and living in San Diego CA since 1991. Computer Consultant, very happily self-employed.

Bill Rafferty

LIVED ON: Stoughton St. in Dorchester. I attended Dearborn school in Roxbury from 1959-1965, I went to Jamaica Plain High school and graduated in 1969. I hung around Uphams Corner, was very active with the St. Kevin's Drum Corps from 1962-1968, a member of Chips, Gems, and Knights. I am on active duty with the U.S. Navy. This is my 30h year on active duty and away from the Boston area.

Remember me by...
I was with the drum line of St. Kevin's. I was also a member of a small rock group from Dorchester called "Johnny Medez and the Kings"

David Reinstein

Grew up in Dorchester... Stratton St (next door to Michael Lieberman - with whom I am still in touch!) PA Shaw, then the Wolcott, then the Lewenberg (after a failed experience at Latin School.) Bar Mitzvahed at the Beth Hillel. Moved to Framingham mid-Junior year (from Tech High), graduated in 1964.
In the most strange twists of fate and life - I taught for a while, later received an MSW from Berkeley and work as a therapist for a large HMO in Northern California.

Remember me by...
As a kid, I was fat, silly and had a BIG mouth. Loved the Morton on Saturdays, and later - bowling up at Grove Hall. Camp Chebacco can never be completely forgotton.

Marc Ring

I lived on West Selden St. and then Almont St., attended the Charles Taylor and the Lewenberg. Went to English High and finished in 1966. Went on to U of MA-Boston. Now living in Peabody, MA

Howard Rosenberg

LIVED ON: Elmhurst Street, Dorchester; 56 years old (as of June 2003), English High but moved to Brockton senior year '64; younger sister Ellen; married 33 years, two daughters live in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Remember me by...
Hanging on the corner, playing boxball, Simco's, Almont Pizza, Oriental Theater, Deli in Mattapan - Friends: Harvey Avidon, Kenny Weinberg, Bernie Weinberg, Irving Long, Harold Flanzer, Stanley Brown, Richie Steinman, Sandy Potash, Nancy Starr, Elanor Luff

David Rosenstein

I lived on American Legion Highway until I moved to the Franklin Hill Ave Housing Projects. I attended Robert Treat Paine, Solomon Lewinberg, and Boston Technical, class of 1962. After BU and Harvard Dental School, I moved to Oregon. My brother Arthur, was at Roxbury Memorial High, class of 1958.
David I. Rosenstein, D.M.D., M.P.H., Chair, Department of Community Dentistry. 611 S.W. Campus Drive, Portland, OR 97201. Phone 503-494-8834. Cell 503-805-0876. Fax 503-494-8839

Irwin Rosenston

LIVED AT: 55 Westmore Rd.

Susan Rosenthal Segal

WENT TO: Martha Baker, Charles Louge, Solomon Lewenberg, Jeremiah Burke, graduated 1957 from Milton High School

Remember me by...
Roller skated at Che Vous, was married to Louie Segal.

George Rothstein

LIVED AT: 62 Astoria St, Mattapan. Attended Roger Wolcott, Lewenberg, and Roxbury Memorial, class of '56.

Jerry Rubackin

LIVED AT: Homestead St. in Roxbury. Went to the Williams School, Wm Lloyd Garrison, Lubavitch Yeshiva, then Boston Tech. Graduated HS in 1967 at Brookline High. Am 53 (as of February 2002).

Remember me by...
I used to go to the Hecht House a lot, both in Roxbury & then later on American Legion Highway. The Oriental theater on week-ends was always a given!

Steve Schwartz

I lived on Balsam Street for the first 14 years of my life. Moved to Lauriat Street (at the end of Woodrow Ave, near Norfolk Street), until 1957 when my family moved to Los Angeles. Graduated high school in 1960. Age 61 as of April, 2003. Schools included The Wm. Bradford, Roger Wolcott (Miss Levenson), Lewenberg, Rox Memorial HS for Boys. I was married and divorced from Phyllis Schwartz. We have three grown children and a grandaughter, Anna Lee. Another on the way in June '03. Remarried, I live in Jamaica Plain and I am a jazz producer at WGBH, 89.7FM in Boston

Remember me by...
I grew up behind the Prime Market and The G&G. Feldman's Pharmacy was on one corner and Willie & Eddie's Fruit stand on the other. Gorfinkle's Furniture was around the corner (we used to watch TV in their window before we got our first set). Stevie Garfinkle (Dutchie) was my best friend in my pre-teens. Hung out at Roger's Drug Store and Mickey's poolroom (Woodrow and Blue Hill). Later formed a doowop singing group with Jeff Kliman; Hal Davis and Davey Freedman. We sang at Arnie Ginsburg Record Hops and The Broadcove Ballroom in Hingham, on the way to Nantasket

Don and Sandy (Fishman) Shapiro

Don attended Robert Treat Paine, the "Solly" and Boston English. Lived on Calendar Street at the corner of Blue Hill Ave then moved to Ormond Street. Sandy went to the "Jerry" and lived on Almont Street and Violet Street. We were married in '66 and moved to NH. We owned a radio station in Concord, NH until 1999 when we sold it. We now both are in the real estate business with Coldwell Banker in Manchester. Would love to hear from old friends.

Scott Sherman

LIVED AT: 562 Walk Hill St.; 170 West Selden St. Age 44 (as of May, 2001). Schools: Martha Baker, Charles Logue, Boston Latin '75

Remember me by...
Little League at Almont Playground, Hot Dogs at Simcos

Jason Sholder

LIVED AT: 798 Blue Hill Ave, on the corner of Abbot St, across from Franklin Park. Married and divorced twice, 4 children, Adam age 33 (first marriage), Rachel 8, Katie 5 and Laura 3 (second marriage). Live in Hartford CT, but am looking to move again soon.

Judy (Shulman) Litwack

Lived in Randolph and graduated in 1964 (my sister, Carol, in 1965). My parents owned The Handbag Center on Blue Hill Ave. I taught in Randolph and married Al Litwack 32 years ago.

Richard "Dick" Siegel

LIVED ON Supple Rd. Attended William Lloyd Garrison and Boston Latin. Moved to Brookline 1945, graduated New Prep in Cambridge 1948.

Remember me by...
In Roxbury member of Cardinals club out of Y on Seaver Street. Hangouts included Y, Grove Hall bowling alleys, and requisite Franklin Park Theater on Saturday afternoons. Friends included Alan Lewis,Paul and Stanley Saperstein, Elliot Greene, Marshall Matorin, Murray Paull, Sumner Gotchberg. Neighbors on Supple Road included Goldmans (Ralph, Paul and Daxid}, Bakers (Ruth, Jason, Sherman and Gloria.)

Barbara Spector Hidu


I lived at 133 Lucerne St. in Dorchester up until 1962, then moved to Swampscott. Attended Pauline Shaw and Roger Wolcoltt and of course Hebrew school after school. Graduated in 1967.

Remember me by...
My brother Jay Spector, now deceased, was genius and valedictorian at Boston Latin School. I loved Chez Vous roller rink and so many fond memories back then. I would so love to hear from anybody of those good old simple days. Now divorced in Minnesota, age 58 as of 8-08

Eric Stein

Roxbury Memorial High, 1953; Patrick Campbell Jr. High, 1950. Moved to Randolph 1965.

Remember me by...
Hung out at the "Y" on Seaver St.

Sam Svetkey

I grew up in JP..attended Teddy Roosevelt and Roxbury Memorial, 1956...Buddies with Sheldon Tutin, class of 1956 too...Write us a note...we are in Boca Raton and Boston.

Marlene & Alan Waldfogel

Looking forward to hearing from old friends

Jerry Weiner

LIVED ON Wildwood Street, my backyard backed up to the Temple Beth Hillel Hebrew School yard. Attended school at the Pauline Shaw, Roger Walcott, Solomon Lewenberg, & Boston English (class of 66). Graduate Northeastern U in 70 & 75. Remember going to playground during the summer at the Walcott & Bradford schools run by the City. Hecht House clubs & Hecht House Summer Day Camp. Also the YMHA on Seaver St. Went to Camp Chebacco & Kingswood. Moved from Dorchester around 1967 to Brighton then to Brookline. Married in '75 and moved to Foxboro. Two daughters, 23 and 25, widowed two years ago.

Ken Weiner

Married to Ruthie Shatz from Milton. Lived on Harwood St. with Brother Rich. Younger sister is Donna Weiner Cowan. I graduated Milton High in'63. I live in Sharon, Ma

Remember me by...
I worked at Simcos.

Richard Weiner

Lived at: Harwood Street - near Morton and Blue Hill Avenue. Graduated Lewenberg - '57, Boston Tech '60, Northeastern '65. Now living in Maryland

Ronald Weiner

Lived at: 28 Seaver St.,Roxbury. Started at Williams School 1946, William Lloyd Garrison, Roxbury Memorial, Solomon Lewenberg, Brookline High.

Remember me by...
Never missed a night at the YMHA until moving to Los Angeles in 1957

Steve Zaidman

I lived on 16 Shandon Rd (Franklin Hill). Solomon Lewenberg, '64. Hecht House (Impalas). English High '67


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