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 Hotlist on Beautiful Bats
An Internet Hotlist on Beautiful Bats

created by Robbin Neiman
E.J. King School

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Many children have negative feelings about bats.  Bats are usually portrayed as frightening creatures that are tied to the following: Halloween, Vampires, dark places, and sickness. This unit will help children learn many interesting facts about ats and the place they have in our enviroment.

Introductory Activity:

We will do a KWL chart to set learning goals for the class. The children are then asked what they know about bats.  They will also be asked if they like or dislike bats.  We will then ask the children to create a bar graph to illustrate their attitudes toward bats.  Later, after the unit is finished, we will ask the same questions to reaveal any attitude changes toward bats.

The story Stellaluna will then be read aloud to the students.


Activity #1

You will be working in groups of four. Each group will choose one of the four topics and then visit web sites.  Each group will report to the class on what they learned about their topic.

1. Name and describe the different types of bats.

2. Describe what different types of bats eat.

3. What unique characteristics do bats have?

4. Why are bats important to the world?

Activity #2

Now that you know a little more about bats, let's put that knowledge to good use.  Draw a habitat for a specific kind of bat that you have just learned about.  Be sure to include the things they ear and what their habitat looks like.

Activity #3

What would you do to help bats be successful in your neighborhood? How would you convince people to make bats houses and encourage bats to live there?

1. Create a brochure that shows the benefits of bats.
2. Build a bat box or bat house.

Use materials provided for your group to build you own bat house.

Questions:  The students will use the answers to the questions to complete their brochure and bat house.

1. How do bats contribute positively and negatively to the enviroment?

2. What are the basic steps for building a bat box?

3. What factors may have to be considered when building and installing the bat box?

Concluding Activity:

Have a debate.  Divide the class into two groups.  One argues the positive aspects of bats and the other argues the negative.  At the end of the debate, they have to decide if bats contribute negatively or positively to the enviorment.  Poll the students.  Creat a bar graph using the results.  Compare this graph to their first graph done at the beginning of the unit.

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