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There's a special place in my heart
That only Grandma can fill
And I think of her quite often
When it is quite and still

She was kind yet firm, serious yet playful
And by no means a saint
But in my eyes as a child
She certainly did fascinate

I thought she hung the moon and the stars
Her old sayings never grew stale
The old family stories held such intrigue
Even the silly tall tales

I wish I knew her full story
For I am sure that in her day
She was quite a hell raiser
"Les bon temps" she would say

Many things remind me of her
And will always make me smile
The list could go on and on
For perhaps a mile....

Like muskadine jelly, cous cous,
And the scent of a magnolia blossom
Her favorite things tug at my heart
Whenever I run across them

Her life has spawned a ripple
Of descendants that will never end
And I'll proudly pass on her legacy
Till in heaven we meet again

Dawn Thibodeaux