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Bananas Home Page

picture of animated strawberry

This is the homepage of Smashed_banana. The crazy aussie fruit loop.

My mission in life is to love people as God has loved me.

Boy have I needed some loving and still do everyday as my pages will show.

A BIG hug to all my friends and new aquaintances.

I would like to acknowledge a dear special friend known as "OHIO HILLS" in pinochle who built my background for this page and created my email icon.

He was a sweet gentleman who was a very dear friend. I wish to dedicate this page in loving memory of him. He was a kind soul who gave me hope and shared with me his wisdom. A special thankyou my friend.

May all those who knew you, count themselves amongst the blessed for having had the privilege of being acquainted with you.


Thank you for visiting my pages.
Please come back and visit again!

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Bananas of Grace
Bananas for children

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