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Rose's South Africa Volunteer Trip

Hello family and friends,

In September 2010, I will be going to South Africa for one week to volunteer at an orphanage in Cape Town. I am very excited about this opportunity. 




About Rose's Volunteer Project


Most African countries have large numbers of people living with HIV/AIDS. This results in a lot of children being left behind due to parents dying from HIV/AIDS and being left with no one to look or care for them. Sometimes children are simply abandoned because their parents have no means to provide for them. The child/orphan care program work consists of caring for children at these centers, providing education and designing activities for the children and helping with general duties of the center, such as teaching, feeding, cooking, and caring for children and babies. This child care center has over 300 children from ages 2-5 years old. Sunrise Centre looks after children from poor backgrounds where most parents cannot afford to buy food at home or pay school fees. This project runs to provide support to young children in need and assist the classroom teachers with teaching children to talk, paint, draw and make colourful murals. 

Please Help Me By Donating

Any and all donations would be greatly appreciated. Donations will be used to assist me with my travel and transportation costs, immunizations, travel insurance, some small gifts for the children, and organizational program fees & registration fees (which includes accomodations & food). Even though a minimum of $20 is suggested, any value would be more than appreciated. My goal is to raise $2,000 by mid-September.



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