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Cast Bios

Anthony Viglione

(Father Markham, Rabbit #2, Rhino, Dad #2, Brad, Angel, Kevin Markham) is pleased to be making his debut at Spotlighters and excited to be working with Terry Long. He has previously worked backstage with the "girls" on both productions of PAGEANT at Towson Dinner Theatre, as well as RUTHLESS! at Spots. Much thanks and love to Terry and Ed.

Michelle Pinkham

(Miriam Miller, Babe, Mom #1, Ftatateeta, Shepherd, Rabbi Sharon) is pleased to be making her Spotlighters debut. Recently, Michelle appeared as a wannabe cheerleader in the motion picture The Replacements. Her stage credits include PUNCHLINES FROM VEGAS, ALCHEMY OF DESIRE/DEAD MAN'S BLUES, WHAT THE BUTLER SAW, and LAUNDRY AND BOURBON. Michelle would like to thank her family and friends for their love and support.

Edward Zarkowski

(Latecomer, Rabbit #1, Dad #1, Pharoah, Shepherd, Trey Pomfret) is excited to work with Terry Long again and pleased to be making his debut at Spots. He has previously appeared in the chorus of ROBBER BRIDEGROOM and as Miss Texas in PAGEANT. He has lent his make up brush to all four productions of PAGEANT as well as RUTHLESS! at Spots. Additionally, Ed has created the local websites for both MOST FABULOUS & PAGEANT.

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